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School-level conference safeguard

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School-level conference safeguard


SUSTC currently owns 10 school-level conference rooms and lecture halls, all of which are distributed in Administrative Building, Library and First Scientific Research Building. The school-level conference rooms and lecture halls mainly undertake the campus major conferences and activities, and are used frequently. In response to the requirements of SUSTC, the Network Information Center assigns professional engineers to safeguard the school-level conference rooms and lecture halls, regularly carries out inspection and maintenance on the conference system and establishes a conference system fault emergency equipment safeguard mechanism, thereby ensuring the normal stable use of relevant systems in the conference rooms and lecture halls, and improving the operation and maintenance protection efforts.

1. Safeguard for school-level conference rooms and lecture halls


Safeguard range:  121, 201, 208, 301, 319 and 401 conference rooms in administrative building; 110 and 111 lecture halls in library; lecture halls in the first scientific research building.

Safeguard equipment: sound system, imaging system

General safeguard procedures: report of property customer service department→Notification to customer service department of information center→Demand docking of engineers→Equipment debugging→User confirmation→Safeguard during conferences.

General emergency equipment: two sets of projectors, power amplifiers, sound boxes, and microphones

Video adapter: HDMI to VGA; mini dp to HDMI and VGA

Audio adapter: 3.5MN, 6.35MN and CANNON


2. Special safeguard procedures for conferences (including off-campus conferences) in other areas


For large-scale activities and off-campus conferences in other areas, the companies and technicians participated shall provide relevant equipment and technical services.

For any help of the Information Center, the conference organization department shall mail relevant detail requirements to service email ( of Information Center, including personnel, equipment, time, etc. The Information Center shall review the feasibility, while the engineer shall dock the actual requirements, make out a feasible scheme, comes to a rehearsal time and arrange a site test.

3. Contact information for school-level conference safeguard service


Service hotline of campus network: 88010777

Service email:


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