Established by the Municipality of Shenzhen, the Southern University of Science and Technology is a publicly funded university in the Guangdong Province. 

The SUSTech cultivates quality talents with perfect personality, solid foundation, excellent ability, international view, social responsibility, innovative spirits and practical ability through the leading talent cultivation system on the basis of credit system, tutor system and college system and taking personalized, small class and international as features of talent cultivation.

The SUSTech has been determined as the experimental school of national higher education comprehensive reform. In April 2012, the Ministry of Education agreed to establish the school and give the school a great mission to explore the modern university system Chinese characteristics and training mode of innovative talents.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

SUSTech will adopt management mode of collegiate system for undergraduate students and create a wonderful college life for students by taking platforms such as college, Youth League Committee and communities as carriers.

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

The SUSTech Education Foundation consists of board of directors, board of supervisors and secretariat. The board of directors is the top of the power structure of the foundation; the board of supervisors is responsible to check finance and accounting information in accordance with law and regulations; secretariat is the standing administrative unit of the foundation, which is responsible to the daily work of the foundation under the leading of leaders in the board of directors.

Key Laboratories

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Key Laboratories

Currently, our school has a total of 6 key laboratories constructed with funds of Shenzhen; the brief introduction is as follows:


Key laboratories of thermoelectric materials in Shenzhen

The laboratories are mainly for thermoelectric materials research and thermoelectric devices development. They base on the good scientific research and industrial environment of Shenzhen City, take advantages of intersection of the subjects such as materials, physics, chemistry etc. of the support unit, SUSTC, are guided by the operating mechanism "competition, collaboration, open and moving" and the scientific research atmosphere "aggressive, rigorous and pragmatic", in virtue of advanced modern characterization techniques and methods and center on thermoelectric materials and thermoelectric transmission mechanism; They improve thermoelectric conversion efficiency of thermoelectric materials and devices, promote the industrialization of thermoelectric materials and devices; and are committed to putting forward effective solutions to energy crisis and environmental problems.


Key laboratories of third-generation semiconductor devices in Shenzhen​

The laboratories develop innovative research of GaN power devices and packaging technologies, GaN MEMS sensors and GaN thin film transistors and so on, with electronic and electrical engineering laboratory discipline as the support and the microelectronics technology as the core, centering on key application technologies of GaN new semiconductor material and facing the transformation and promotion needs of Shenzhen semiconductor industry, to provide scientific support and technical services to the development of Shenzhen semiconductor industry and emerging industries. In order to build innovative system research platforms with open type and form domestic leading and world-class bases with high level for scientific research and high-level academic exchange, the laboratories consider "indomitable spirit" as the general construction guidelines and aim at the forefront of international academic and technical research, base on the actual demand of Shenzhen industry development, carry out high-end basic research for applications, gather and nurture excellent technological talents and carry out high-level academic exchange.


Key laboratories of nanoimprint lithography in Shenzhen​

Research  directions  of  the  laboratories  include : development  of   nanomprint 
apparatus  ,  nanoimprint   processes  and  materials   and  applied   research  o
nanoimprint technologies , and  the  laboratories  strive  to achieve  a  number of
original   intellectual  properties  and  patents  in key equipment ,  processes  and
materials, engineering applications and other aspects to fill the blank of Shenzhen
City,Guangdong Province and the country in the high-end nanoimprint lithography
field and lay the foundation for latter industrialization and economic benefits.While
the laboratories also provide scientific research, training, consulting  and technical
services for  institutions of  higher education , research institutions   and high-tech
enterprises of  Shenzhen and open platform devices of the key laboratories to the
outside adhering  to the practical results pursing and  resource sharing principles.


Key laboratoies of cellular microenvironment in Shenzhen

Study of the laboratories are carried out in multi-level, multi-faceted, multi-field with interaction of cells and the cellular microenvironment as the core, using a variety of research means such as model organism, molecular technology, engineering simulation etc. and closely centering on the important role of interaction of cells and the cellular microenvironment in human diseases, growth and the biological agriculture. At the same time, it develops biological materials and bio-medicine with application prospects for the treatment of related diseases, combined with basic research and development to explore important plant genetic resources for bio-breeding, and from a new perspective, study the mechanisms resisting to insect pests and stress and prevention of biological agriculture.


Key laboratories of organic semiconductor printing materials and devices in Shenzhen​

With centering on the development of the new high-performance organic semiconductor materials, the laboratory develops the material system with proprietary intellectual property rights which is applied to the field effect transistor, solar cell, photoelectric detector and so on, establishes the related characterization platforms including the molecular structure, molecular structure and so forth for full characterization of the material properties and optimizing the materials. In addition, the laboratory focuses on the study of the film-forming process of the organic semiconductor by printing with solution method and so that the high-throughput and large-area printing and processing of the  organic semiconductor materials which is applicable to the flexible substrate can be achieved by the control of the molecular structure, additives and solvent. The laboratory also establishes a sound organic semiconductor printed electronics research platform of which the research capability is domestically advanced and first-class in the world.


Key laboratories of prevention and control of soil and groundwater pollution in Shenzhen​

Based on the major fundamental research of the conducted groundwater and soil pollution and in combination with the social need, the laboratory actively performs the development of the technologies regarding the pollution exploration, rapid detection, pollution simulation, pollution assessment, health risk evaluation and restorations and so on and provides the environmental consulting and engineering technical services specific to the need for prevention and control of soil and water in China, facilitates and promotes the technicalization development of the water and soil pollution environmental protection industries, forms the laboratory carrying out the soil and groundwater pollution investigation, assessment, management, planning and decision-making the and technical supporting platform in Shenzhen and becomes the think tank for the restoration and management of the soil and groundwater pollution in Shenzhen.



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