SUSTech offers unprecedented opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside the faculty to explore and tackle both fundamental and practical problems. 

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

The main duties of SUSTCEF is to accept the donations from the domestic and foreign associations, enterprises, trading companies and individuals, and establish the funding projects depending on the demands of the university and the wishes of the donors.


Higher Education Research Center 

Ⅰ. Purpose

The Higher Education Research Center of South University of Science and Technology of China (hereinafter referred to as "The Center") roots itself in the innovative practice of international higher education which is conducted by Shenzhen government and South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC), and undertakes higher education research, training and cultivation of graduate. It plans to become a world-famous and national influential research institute with high level.
The development guideline of "The Center" is becoming an international center with small scale, characteristics and high level.


Ⅱ. Attribute and Personnel

The Center" is an educational research institute which is independently established by SUSTC. At the same time, it acts as a supporting entity of Higher Education Innovation Center of UNESCO. The director of "The Center" is Dr. Liming, the secretary of the Communist Party Committee of SUSTC, and vice director is Dr. Hanwei.

The Center" plans to prepare 10 positions for university-employed full-time researcher, and the introduction of talents will be strictly determined by their academic ability and development potential, and their respective advantages will be complementary to each other in terms of their research direction and age structure etc. In addition, "The Center" hired a number of people as part-time researchers, they're leaders and executives who have research interests from SUSTC and other colleges and universities, representatives from government and enterprises who care about the development of higher education, and superior researchers from peer colleges and universities.

Director:   Liming
Vice Director:   Hanwei
Full-Time Staff:   Jiang Kaijun, Zhaoke, Tanwei and Yang Zhaomei
Visiting Scholar:   Ma Jinyuan 
Part-Time Researchers:  

Wang Baoguo, Wu Yuewen, Wang Dejun, Liang Jiansheng, Lixu, Yaojing, 

Liu Lisha, Chen Yimao, Sun Zhifeng, Liguo, Liyuan, Chen Qiongqiong, 
Zhengzhong and Li Zhaoting



Ⅲ. Research Field

1. ICT in higher education
Based on MOOC evaluation platform, "The Center" is responsible for introducing superb MOOC course, trying to produce a small amount of top-quality MOOC course, conducting online educational evaluation research, and becoming an influential MOOC research base. Introducing smart textbook based on Internet has significantly reduced costs. Developing online textbook together with famous domestic presses, and forming Internet textbook brand. Cooperating with SUSTC's network center to develop mobile learning application with social interactive function and software package for measuring and evaluating student's learning behavior. "The Center" serves for sharing high-quality educational resources with Shenzhen citizens, meeting their urgent needs of continuing education, and making contribution to the popularization of higher education in Asian developing countries.
2. International comparative research on higher education 
Serving for the central work of SUSTC, providing research support for SUSTC's high-quality, international and school-running practice. Investigating world-famous high-quality research-oriented university, tracking international up-to-date development trend in terms of school-running concept and development strategy, timely summarizing the best practice and successful experiences, and providing frame of reference for the development of our university.
3. Innovative research on higher education of Shenzhen
Investigating Shenzhen government's exploring practice of realizing great-leap-forward development of higher education in recent years, e.g. establishing research-oriented universities with high starting point, characteristic colleges, university town, as well as international school running. Summarizing and promoting the successful experiences of innovative ecosystem of Shenzhen higher education to Pearl River Delta and surrounding countries and regions.
4. Area research on higher education
Combining the mission and advantages of UNESCO, investigating the higher education system of coastal countries along "Maritime Silk Road" (Southeast Asia and Middle East), understanding their urgent needs in the process of progress. Then combining advantages of Shenzhen and China to export successful experiences of higher education popularization of China to coastal countries in terms of specific trainings like teacher training of higher education, promotion of managing ability and Information Technology application.

Ⅳ. Talents Cultivation

In the future, "The Center" will recruit graduate, and will firstly start to explore the whole-process system of graduate's recruitment and cultivation. At present, "The Center" is referring to experiences of high-level universities home and abroad to make perfect graduate cultivation scheme. "The Center" will also cooperate with universities home and abroad to recruit post doctorate to do his/her research in our university.



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