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SUSTC Held a Symposium of the Higher Education Research Center

Sep 24, 2015


On September 24, 2015, SUSTC held a symposium of the higher education research center, and the Secretary Li Ming and the President Chen Shiyi attended and gave lecture, and the Deputy Director Han Wei hosted the conference.


According to N.K.D. [2015] No.29 File, the Higher Education Research Center of SUSTC was officially approved and established on June 16, 2015. To serve the university development better and unite working objectives, the Center held the symposium. The President Chen Shiyi supported establishment of the Center, and issued letter of employment to the Secretary Li Ming on behalf of the University. The President Chen said that, the Higher Education Research Center was the first research center combining education and humanity, with members like full-time staff, departmental leaders and faculty teachers etc., and SUSTC attached great importance to education research, and advanced teaching scientific research of the University, in particular to improving teaching quality. SUSTC was the experiment field for reform of higher education in China, should research higher education development strategy home and abroad, including science and technology policy, and produce massive results to advance higher education in Shenzhen and even the world. At present, the higher education development of China was at a prime period, and the Center would establish cooperating links with Peking University and Peking Normal University etc. As the entity support unit of Category-II Institute of UNESCO, it would keep a foothold in Shenzhen and serve the world.

Speed Delivered by Chen Shiyi

The Secretary Li Ming thanked support by the University on behalf of the Center. The Center approves and executes development strategy of the University, and will carry out work in 4 aspects. Firstly, the Center shall be one of the intelligence libraries for deepening education reform innovation of SUSTC, and provide education and teaching reform with policy, thoughts and methods; secondly, the Center will be a think tank for higher education and innovation center of category-II institute of UNESCO; thirdly, in terms of information orientation of higher education, it will become a platform for getting together domestic and overseas high-level famous professors, and interface research achievements with the international circle; fourthly, the Center will become vigorous socialization institute, based on basic support given by the University, and acquire fund by research project, cooperation and programs. In general building philosophy, the Center features internationalization, small scale, characteristics and high level, produce influential achievements in the following several years, and become a template of innovative development. 

Li Ming Gave Lecture at the Conference

The Deputy Director Han Wei proposed specific requirements for work of the Center. The Center will combine internationalization and diversity, and attract creative and minded talents to carry out research. The Center will shape perfect academic communication mechanism, periodically hold academic research and discussion activities, and actively participate in domestic and overseas education conference to obtain the latest information. Training of the postgraduate training shall follow up with the development of the University, the training scheme shall be prepared, link with the University of Hong Kong and Peking University will be established, and cooperation with Beijing Normal University. Implement issues on workstation of the post-doctoral station as soon as possible. Perform research based on all-round and prior fields of the School, actively apply approval support of Shenzhen City and Guangdong Province, and explore an innovative route for registration and application of periodicals. The Center will implement requirements of the University, perfect building planning, prepare working scheme with time progress and responsibility assignment and shape working mechanism with continuous boosting force.

Han Wei Hosted the Conference

 At the symposium, the Deputy Director Jiang Kaijun introduced application progress of UNESCO Category-II Institute, and teacher Zhao Ke reported basic thought of building of the center. Professor Wang Baoguo suggested that, the center should serve development of the University, and many universities of standard pole should be selected as reference system for systematic research. Professor Liang Jiansheng proposed that, the Center should research current situations of the University, and form persuasive definitions and standards for some key issues. Part-time research fellows of the Center would participate in research actively, and serve building and development of the University. 

Scene of the Symposium

Chen Shiyi Issued Letter of Employment for the Director to Li Ming



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