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Expert Team of UNESCO Came to Shenzhen to Perform Feasibility Research on Establishment of Higher Education Innovation Center at SUSTC

Jun 23, 2015

Joint Photo of Expert Team, University Leaders and Principals of Involving Departments

From June 19 to 23, 2015, expert team of UNESCO with 3 persons in total came to Shenzhen for feasibility research on establishment of higher education innovation center supported by SUSTC. Members of the expert team included Professor Wang Libing, the clerk for higher education of UNESCO in Bangkok, liaison clerk of regional category-II institute Mr. Danilo Padilla and foreign expert Roger Yap Chao Jr. In the 4 days, the expert team met leaders of Shenzhen City, had working report on Shenzhen’s applying for Category-II education institutions, visited academic institute and campus environment of SUSTC, discussed with professors and students of SUSTC, and visited famous hi-tech enterprises in Shenzhen.


Deputy Mayor Wu Yihuan Met the Expert Team


In the afternoon of June 19, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen City Wu Yihuan met members of expert team of UNESCO, and Director of Education Bureau of Shenzhen Guo Yurong, the Secretary of Party Committee of the University Li Ming, the deputy director of the Preparation Office Han Wei and principals of involving departments attended. Deputy mayor Wu Yihuan welcomed the expert team, and introduced economic and social development of Shenzhen City. The municipal government and Party committee of Shenzhen City attached great importance to preparation Category-II institutes. Not long ago, the mayor Xu Qin listed establishment of international higher education innovation center in the work of this year in the working report of the government. According to the memorandum signed by both parties in Suzhou in 2014, UNESCO is welcomed to holding the IMOOC in Shenzhen in the next year.

Shenzhen has powerful information network technology strength, will cooperate with UNESCO, combine advantages of information technology industry and higher education, and explore a new route for improving higher education quality, fairness and innovation capabilities. 


The Expert Team Had Working Report on Shenzhen’s Applying for Category-II Institute of UNESCO


Lecture by Secretary Li Ming


Lecture by President Chen Shiyi


Lecture by Secretary General Du Yue.


Professor Wang Libin of the Expert Team Delivered Speech


Lecture by Mr. Danilo Padilla of Expert Team.


Lecture by Mr. Roger Yap Chao Jr. of Expert Team


Lecture by Consultant of the Center, and the Former Director of Beijing Office of UNESCO Mr. Abhimanyu Singh.

On June 20, the study group had Shenzhen’s working report on applying for Category-II Institute of UNESCO at SUSTC. The Secretary Li Ming delivered a them report titled New University, New Model: Reflection and Practice of SUSTC on Carryout out Online Education. Based on concluding the rule and trend of online education development, he introduced schooling practice of SUSTC in recent years, and detailed the concept of online education reform. The President Chen Shiyi welcomed the study group on behalf of SUSC, supported Shenzhen City to support the category-II institute, believed that, establishment of the Category-II Institute would make new exploration on information orientation beneficial for higher education, and promote education and innovation teaching of SUSTC. Principals of involving departments of SUSTC reported advantageous conditions, scope of contribution and development of Category-II Institute. The consultant of the Center, and the Vice President of the Open University of Hong Kong Li Rong’an supported the work of Category-II Institute in view of cooperating between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The Consultant of the Center and the former director of Beijing Office of UNESCO Mr. Abhimanyu Singh released opinions on significance of establishing Category-II Institute in Shenzhen in view of development trend of higher education in Asia-Pacific Region. Experts of UNESCO proposed many pertinent opinions and suggestions, and interacted with many participants. In the afternoon, the expert team and teacher representative of the University had a discussion and communicated on promoting higher education based on information orientation. 


The Expert Team Visited Sand Table of SUSTC


The Expert Team Visited Library of SUTC


The Expert Team Discussed with students of SUSTC


The Expert Team Visited Teaching Facilities of SUSTC

On June 21, the expert team visited the campus environment, surveyed library, network information and education and teaching facilities, visited chemistry, physics, biology, material, electronics and other laboratories, had discussed with students delegates at Zhiren Academy, and knew about schooling of the University and application of information technology in scientific research of the University.


The Expert Team Visited TENCENT


The Expert Team Visited Huawei Corporation


SUSTC and Huawei held the memorandum signing ceremony for education information orientation

On June 22, the expert team visited two hi-tech companies Huawei and TENCENT, had introduction on combination of information technology and education by 2 world-class technology companies and were deeply impressed. In the afternoon of June 22, the expert team witnessed the signing ceremony of MOU on information-oriented education between SUSTC and Huawei Corporation. The Party Committee Secretary of the University Li Ming, the Vice President Tang Tao, the Deputy Director of the Preparation Office Han Wei, and the Administration CEO of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Xue Ming attended the ceremony.


Scene of Opinion Feedback Conference of Expert Team


The opinion feedback conference of the Expert Team was held on June 23. The Secretary General of Plenary Session of UNESCO in China Mr. Du Yue paid a special visit to Shenzhen and hosted the conference. The Expert Team said that, through several days’ investigation and research, they actually felt that the Chinese Government attached great importance to establishing Category-II Institute of UNESCO, and appreciated preparation in Shenzhen. SUSTC, which supports the Center, is an internationalized research-based universities. At the beginning period of founding, software and hardware were started according to the international standards, and international vision and creative spirit of teachers and students impressed the Expert Team deeply. The Expert Team believe that, the founding of the Center would promote development of UNESCO in the field of higher education. Hoped that the Center would be perfected based on the above, and reinforced communication with other Category-II Institute worldwide.

The Secretary of Party Committee and the President of the University Li Ming and Chen Shiyi attended the feedback conference, and thanked for the work done by the Expert Team in the past 4 years. The Secretary Li Ming figured out that, the SUSTC was an internationalized high-level research-based university endeavored by all strengths of Shenzhen, and was an experiment field for higher education reform in China. Greatly supported by the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the University would establish an information-oriented talent training mode centering learning progress, and the platform of Category-II Institute contributed to information-oriented development of higher education in the world. The Secretary General Du Yue appreciated effective work by the expert team, proposed requirements on Shenzhen’s application, concluded experience received from application of existing Category-II Institute, and actively responded actual needs of member countries, in particular to urgent requirements on information orientation of higher education; built the Center into a cross-regional organization, and established a powerful international cooperation network; reinforced  capability building of the center, and adopted new perspectives and means to reinforce technical strength of the Center. 

According to the Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding between Shenzhen and UNESCO in June, 2014 and the Framework Agreement of Trust Fund signed in May, 2015, the Higher Education Innovation Center of UNESCO in Shenzhen supported by the UNESCO would provide international intelligence library for intelligence leading for reform and education for higher education, absorb the best practice of the first-class universities of developed countries in Asia-Pacific Region, exhibit the successful experience of leap-forward development of higher education in China, serve information-orientation requirements of higher education in China, and advance the “south-south-north” international cooperation platform. As an experiment field for reform of higher education, SUSTC will establish platform, get together experts with the education innovation spirit and cases in progress, talk to the international higher education institute, boost construction of modern and internationalized Shenzhen, and contribute to progress of education for developing and underdeveloped countries in Asia-Pacific Region.

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