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High-end Research and Discussion and Demonstration Meeting for International Higher Education Held in Shenzhen

May 2, 2015


On May 2, 2015, the High-end Research and Discussion Meeting for International Higher Education was held in Shenzhen. The conference was jointly held by the People’s Government of Shenzhen and the Plenary Session of UNESCO in China, and sponsored by SUSTC. More than 10 experts and scholars for higher education home and abroad attended the conference, including the Secretary of Plenary Commission of UNESCO in China Mr. Du Yue, the Professor Zhong Binlin of the Director of China Association for Education and Professor Li Rongan, the Vice President of the Open University of Hong Kong. The Party Committee Secretary of SUSTC Li Ming attended conference and gave lecture. The Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Education Ms. Guo Yurong attended the conference and gave lecture. The conference was hosted by the President of SUSTC Professor Chen Shiyi.

The participating experts gave lectures on the subject of international higher education innovation. Professor Li Rong’an reflected positioning of the role of college in view of paradigm shift of knowledge, the Associate Professor He Linggao of the University of Hong Kong analyzed competition and cooperation of research-based universities in global scientific research, and the Professor Welch of the University of Sydney compared evolvement of knowledge-based society in Australia, ASEAN and China. In terms of development of higher education reform home and abroad, the Director Zhong Binlin concluded experience and trend of higher education in China, Professor Yang Rui from the University of Hong Kong analyzed higher education in East Asia based on culture, scholars from Thailand and Cambodia shared current situations and challenges of higher education, the Party Committee Secretary of SUSTC and the director of leading team of Category-II Institute Doctor Li Ming concluded experience for innovative development of higher education in Shenzhen with SUSTC as an example, the Vice Director of China Research Institute for Comprehensive Development Qu Jian introduced consideration on education factors in internationalized city construction. In the college internationalization field, the former president of Shanghai Normal University Professor Zhang Minxuan introduced internationalized exploration for higher education internationalization in Shanghai, the Professor Chen Changgui from SUN YAT-SEN University briefed 3 branches of internationalization progress of higher education institutes of China, the Associate Professor Li Jun from the Chinese University of Hong Kong analyzed practice experience of internationalization of higher education in China with Confucius Institute as example, and Professor Wang Libing from Bangkok Office of UNESCO and Mr. Singh, as the former director of UNESCO in Beijing Office gave suggestions on improving internationalization of higher education in Asian countries in professional view of international organizations. 

Joint Photo with Attending Experts

Scene of the Discussion Meeting



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