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Second Session of Second SUSTech Council Promotes SUSTech’s “Double First-Class” Construction

Apr 3, 2018 Latest

On April 3rd, 2018, the Second Session of the Second SUSTech Council meeting took place at the Shenzhen Civic Center. The meeting was presided over by Chen Rugui, the Mayor of Shenzhen and the Director General of the University Council. The meeting deliberated and passed “The Southern University of Science and Technology Council Charter (Revised ),” “SUSTech’s First-Class University and Disciplines Construction Plan,” “SUSTech Medicine School Project( Planning& Construction),” “SUSTech Work Plan 2018,” along with the final accounts and budget. There was also an election for Vice Director General of the University Council and Vice President of the University.

SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong submitted “The Southern University of Science and Technology Council Charter (Revised).” The meeting deliberated and passed the Charter (Revised).

President Chen Shiyi submitted “SUSTech’s First-class University and Disciplines Construction Plan,” “SUSTech School of Medicine  Project (Planning & Construction),” “SUSTech Work Report 2017” and “SUSTech Work Plan 2018”.

President Chen said in 2017, under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Education, the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government, SUSTech had earnestly implemented the decision and arrangement of the University Council. SUSTech was fulfilling its duties in both promoting the goal of “Establishing a World-Class University Rooted in China” and the notions of “Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship."

“We should further improve the layout of disciplines, building a first-class faculty team, and promote the construction while focusing on the strategic plan of Shenzhen.”

President Chen made a comprehensive report on the university’s development on a variety of aspects, including the construction of academic disciplines, enhancement of the talent team, new advances in scientific research, improved personnel training, progress in international education, and the development of Phase I and Phase II of campus construction.

In the following report on the strategic plan, goal, and measures of “Double First-Class” construction, he said, “Promoting world-class universities and first-class discipline construction is an important strategic goal for the University. The University will strive to speed up development and strive to be a leader in innovation.”

Through "Double First-Class" construction, the university will improve the governance structure, construct the participation mechanism of society and realize the breakthrough of the key issues, to promote leap-forward and connotative development with a new pattern. The University will make more contributions to innovative city construction, international technology center, and industry innovation center construction of Shenzhen.

Later, Members of the Council deliberated on the reports. The Members of the University Council fully affirmed the remarkable achievements SUSTech has achieved in the first stage. The targets towards the next stage were debated vigorously by the members of University Council, with former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education Wu Qidi, former President of Beijing Normal University Zhong Binlin, and former President of Shanghai Jiaotong University Xie Shengwu providing strong views on education. Former Executive Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer Ma Weihua, and former Chairman of Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Company Ren Kelei were heavily involved in other areas of discussion, as were other members in attendance.

SUSTech is a high starting and high positioning university that was established under the background of Chinese higher education reform in Shenzhen. Now it has developed rapidly and established a characteristic mode of interaction between city and university.

Based on the current stunning achievements, the University’s development plan for the next decade is clear. The leadership team will continue the action by combining the national, provincial and municipal development strategies, encourage more innovation in different areas, and build a world-class medical school to serve the community and to boost the city’s health care services.

The meeting passed “SUSTech’s First-Class University and Disciplines Construction Plan” as well as putting forward a number of useful suggestions for the Univeristy. The meeting also passed the University annual work plan, budget and final accounts.

The Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Gao Zimin was appointed as the Vice Director General of University Council. Lu Chun and Teng Jinguang were appointed as Vice Presidents of SUSTech at the meeting.

At the meeting, Mayor of Shenzhen Chen Rugui on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong thanked the council members, faculty members and staff for their hard work. Mayor Chen said that SUSTech had created many development miracles in recent years, and Shenzhen is proud of the developments that SUSTech has made in higher education. As always, the Shenzhen Municipal Government will fully support the innovation and development of SUSTech and promote its establishment of a world-class research university.

Mayor Chen Rugui pointed out that SUSTech should earnestly work towards General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important requirements for Guangdong’s “four aspects at the forefront of the nation” and seize the “Double First-Class” opportunities to highlight school management characteristics further.

World-class cities need top-class universities, and top-class universities cultivate first-class talents, so first-class universities are the best for world-class cities. The key to solving Shenzhen’s development issues is Shenzhen’s full support for SUSTech in making progress toward becoming a world-class research university.

SUSTech will combine its development with the city’s goal orientation, as well as combining China’s development with its global approach, and accelerate the realization of high-quality education and development. At the same time, we must ensure the quality of education and cultivate more innovative talents.

Text by Tong Xiaojin/Chris Edwards/Xia Yingying


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