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Chinese Traditional Culture Festival celebrates our rich culture

Mar 4, 2018 Campus life

If you have not heard a Guqin played live, you have not experienced what this ancient Chinese musical instrument is capable of. To hear just how much a Guqin is capable of, lovers of music have been turning to the music in ancient China for almost 3000 years.

Performed by famous artists Li Xiangting and Li Pengpeng, the event was to mark the opening of a campus event on the Chinese Traditional culture, especially to raise the awareness of “Li,” Chinese etiquette, among young people on and off the campus.

The Chinese Traditional Culture Festival will run throughout March, ending on April 2nd to celebrate the country’s cultural etiquette, with free entertainment in the form of:

  1. a. Live musical, dance, Chinese opera, Shanxi opera and other performances by renowned artists and SUSTech students;
  2. b. Classic folk activities to celebrate the traditional Lantern Festival; and
  3. c. Other fun and games, and a Photo Exhibition.


Concert and Activity review:

Time: 1st March

Event: Guqin Performance

Artist: Li Xiangting & Li Pengpeng

Warmly applauded by the audience, Li Xiangting and Li Peng Peng two masters dressed in traditional Chinese costumes were onto the stage. As an ancient musical art, Guqin draws audiences' thinking with its low and distant tone. The opening song "Plum Blossom" is the ancient song of more than 800 years ago, a melody, they seem to pull back thousands of years ago.

March 2 at 8 pm, Li Xiang Ting and Li Peng Peng will continue to lead you into the world of Guqin, into the ancient musical art.

The two artists presented a lecture on the art of the Guqin on 2nd March.


Time: 2nd March

Event: Lantern Festival activities

The character “Yuan” means a lot in Chinese traditional culture. The activity of eating “Tangyuan” (sweet dumpling) symbolizes people’s expectation to the well-being future.

On March 2nd, 7-8 pm, a series of interesting activities were organized by Shuren residential college at Lichee Yuan, block four, ground floor. The faculty and students participated in these activities together, such as making sweet dumplings, making lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, and flying Kong Ming lanterns. Both students and faculty left an unforgettable memory on this special day.


Time: 12th March

Event: Spring Festival Photographic Exhibition

On 12th March, the Lynn Library shall host the Spring Festival photography exhibition. Our students will exhibit their unforgettable memories during the traditional Chinese festival, Spring Festival, using their photographic skills.


Time: 17th March

Event: Beijing Opera Performance

“Li” means etiquette, which plays an important role in Chinese traditional culture. As the quintessence of Chinese culture, every part of the Beijing Opera shows the significance of etiquette. As the old saying goes, “Art comes from life, but is higher than life.” Beijing Opera can not only show the etiquette in traditional culture but also can influence our modern life.

On 17th March, the art center will invite the faculty and students of the Central Academy of Drama to perform renown selections, to provide us the limitless enjoyment of this unique art form.


Time: 19th March

Event: Jin Opera Performance

Artist: Miao Jie, Wu Zhong, Wang Li

As the characteristic opera of Shanxi province, Jin Opera is distinctly different with Beijing Opera. While listening to Jin Opera, you will feel like you are in the countryside, escaping from the urban area. In the opera, you can also know special custom and culture of Shanxi Province.

On 19th March, there will be many wonderful performances by artists including Miao Jie, recipient of the Plum Performance Award; Wu Zhong, Jin opera national intangible cultural heritage inheritors; and Wang Li, renowned performing artist.


Time: 2nd April

Event: Jazz Concert

Artist: Zhao Ke

Nowadays, Spring Festival celebrations are becoming more and more popular globally. Artists from across the world try to incorporate Chinese traditional culture with their preferred art form, creating much beautiful work. Jazz is a western form of music, which is popular all around the world.

On 2nd April, ‘The Creative Voice of the Chief Chinese Jazz,’ Zhao Ke shall present a combined Chinese and Western jazz concert. We believe that the fusion of Chinese and western cultures through music will provide all attendees with a wonderful understanding of both cultures and how they work together.


Let’s join the traditional Chinese culture festival and start a fantastic journey. 

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