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The 31st Chinese Chemistry Olympiad and Winter Camp kick off

Nov 26, 2017 Latest

The 31st China Chemistry Olympiad and Winter Camp – one of the largest scientific competitions of the country – has kicked off on November 24, hosted by the Chinese Chemistry Society and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association.

The competition is hosted by the Shenzhen Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology and SUSTech, and was held in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. During the week-long winter camp, which takes place from November 23 to November 28, a total of 340 students as well as 327 team leaders, observers, academicians and representatives gather to take part.

Site of the opening ceremony

Wu Chuanyue's speech

SUSTech Vice President and Provost Wu Chuanyue, who is also the vice-director of the Winter Camp, gave a speech during the opening ceremony, in which he said that the Chinese Chemistry Olympiad is the highest-level chemistry event of high school students in the country and is in line with the International Chemistry Olympiad. Hosted by SUSTech is a great honor for the university, which is comitted to higher education reform. It aims to promote education through competitions and promote schools to strengthen their teaching skills and comprehensively improve their teaching quality. He concluded by saying that the students would give full play to their wisdom, ability to handle pressure and perseverance in taking every exam question.

Zhang Xumu's speech

Chair of SUSTech Department of Chemistry Professor Zhang Xumu, who is also vice-director of the winter camp, then gave a speech on behalf of the Organizing Committee, in which he welcomed the teachers, students, leaders and experts from all over China, and introduced the preparations that had taken place for the winter camp.

Zhang Zhiping's speech

Member of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and vice chairman Zhang Zhiping then followed with his speech. He said that the Winter Camp is an important part of fostering innovative talents in Shenzhen and plays a strategic role in Shenzhen's scientific and technological innovation environment.

Duan Lianyun's speech

Duan Liangyun, director of the Competition Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, then followed with a speech, in which he said that winter camps provide an opportunity to come together for chemistry-loving students to exchange ideas and learn from each other. He hoped that students can understand the essence of chemistry, its value and its crucial role in our daily life and in future applications.

Zheng Jintao's speech

Representing the volunteers and speaking on ther behalf, Zheng Jintao said that during the Winter Camp the volunteers which include assistant team leaders, publicity assistants and laboratory assistants, visited the guidelines and attended conferences around the competition.

In the coming week, the students will successively attend the Winter Camps, sit theoretical exams and experimental exams, visit key sites and attend the closing ceremony. The 4 outstanding students who win the first prize will have the honor of representing their middle school and their country in the 50th International Olympic Chemical Competition.

Text: Yang Xing Ye

Photo: Wang Kaiqiang Yang Yitong

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