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SUSTech welcomes in 2019 with the finale of the Voice of SUSTech

Jan 1, 2019 Latest News

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed in 2019 with its annual New Year’s Eve Party and the final of the 4th Voice of SUSTech singing competition. Runyang Stadium was full of light and color as over a thousand students and teachers gathered together to reminisce about 2018 and welcome 2019. President Chen Shiyi, University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang, and other senior leaders attended the event that is a highlight of the school year. As everyone filtered inside, videos filled the screens with a humorous review of 2018, providing an insight into the party that was about to unfold.

The SUSTech Kindergarten opened the party with a special performance, followed by the SUSTech Dance Troupe, who performed “Dance of the River.” Their warm performances filled the hearts of the audience on the chilly December evening.

The ten finalists from the Voice of SUSTech then took to the stage. Each residential college and level of study was represented, with a vast array of musical genres on display to entertain the crowd. Students sang of romance, of remembrance, of emotions and of loneliness. The audience was passionate in support for each of the ten singers, who were competing to make the final 5 who would perform later in the night.

Alumni sent their positive wishes from all around the world and performed the poem “The Old Thoughts of Nanyuan.” The poem reflects on SUSTech’s pride of reform and innovation, as well as the deep relationship between SUSTech and its alumni. This deep moment was followed by the subtle tones of “Never Leave Your Heart at the Start,” which examines how maintaining your passion throughout your life is essential.

A number of national awards were presented before the second stage of the Voice of SUSTech finals. Li Fengliang, Director of the Office of Research Zhao Yusheng, Dean of the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Liu Ke and Chair Professor of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering were among the senior leaders to present students with their awards.

The final five competitors in the 4th Voice of SUSTech were Zheng Beiqi, Zhan Baiqu, Li Boxuan, Hua Guo Zuhe, and Deng Guihang. Their final stage of the competition saw delightful audio-visual additions to each students’ song, but ultimately Ph.D. student Zheng Beiqi from the Department of Earth and Space Sciences won the Voice of SUSTech for 2018 with her performance of “Red Rose.” The runner-up was Zhicheng College undergraduate Deng Guihang, the second runner-up was Shude College undergraduate Zhan Baiqu, while Hua Guo Zuhe won the audience award. The awards were presented by President Chen Shiyi, Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang, Director of the Office of Communications and Public Relations Zhang Ling and Vice Provost Huang Kefu.

A variety of different performances took place throughout the evening. The Shuren College Peking Opera Club brought a classic opera to the stage before the SUSTech Guzheng Troupe performed a delightful piece. The SUSTech Sports Center performed an incredible aerobic performance before several groups sang for the audience. As 2018 came to a close, the audience counted down together to the end of the year and the start of 2019 at midnight, with the bells sounding throughout Runyang Stadium and the night air around SUSTech.

With 2019 officially underway, Chen Shiyi delivered the New Years’ greeting to everyone. He focused on the achievements of SUSTech during 2018 and spoke of the important role of staff and students in developing SUSTech into a world-class research university. With 2019 representing a new stage for SUSTech, Chen Shiyi anticipated that everyone would continue to meet the challenges that they face and work together for the betterment of SUSTech. He wished everyone a Happy 2019.

With the final performances of the evening, previous winners of the Voice of SUSTech from Shuren College, Jiang Yiwei and Wang Zhenming, provided a delightful duet of “Like a Child.” Ma Teng sang “Nobody Sleeps Tonight,” before the award-winning SUSTech Choir closed the evening with an rousing rendition of “I Love You, China.”

Text: Miao Xuening Student News Agency Yang Liu

Contributions from the Student Union of Zhicheng College

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

Pictures: Su Jiahui, Wang Kaiqiang, Sun Zhirui, Zhong Changqi

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