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mondovisione | Shenzhen Stock Exchange Holds the 2018 IT Symposium to Promote the Digital Transformation and Development of the Capital Market

Nov 23, 2018 In The Media

From November 21st to 22nd, SZSE organized a 2018 IT symposium themed "Harnessing Technology, Ushering in a New Era of Digitalization". SZSE held this industrial IT symposium for the second consecutive year. This symposium was an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and serve the national digital development strategy. It will help to further strengthen the technical exchanges and cooperation in the securities and futures industry, enhance the industry's risk prevention and resolution capabilities, promote the digital transformation and development of the industry, and enhance the capabilities of the capital market to serve the real economy.

Li Chao, CSRC's Vice Chairman, Deng Maicun, Secretary-General of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yu Dapeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology, and Wang Jianjun, President & CEO of SZSE, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. A total of near 600 people attended the meeting, including the representatives from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), CSRC, and relevant units of Shenzhen city, the technical leaders and experts of securities, funds, futures, insurance companies, universities, and high-tech enterprises, as well as the technical leaders of Dhaka Stock Exchange of Bangladesh, Pakistan Stock Exchange and securities market institutions of the two countries.

Li pointed out that in recent years, with the modern IT such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, and AI as carriers, the digitalization wave is leading the human society towards a new stage of information construction. Digitalization and digital economy have increasingly become the high ground for countries to seek competitive advantages and have also brought new opportunities for the development of financial industry and capital market. CSRC resolutely implements the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, actively adapts to the development requirements of the digital economy, and continuously promotes the digital construction of the securities and futures industry. CSRC has taken a series of measures to support the standard efficient financing of digital economic entities, promote the construction of industrial infrastructure, guide the industry to increase investment in technology, and improve the technological and smart level of supervision, so as to continuously improve the capital market's resource allocation efficiency and ability to serve the real economy. He stressed that the whole industry should grasp the development opportunities of the integration of digitalization, networkization and smartization, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, actively implement the concept of digital development, strengthen R&D and application of core technologies, and expand the breadth and depth of financial services. The goal is to provide more accurate, effective, and low-cost financing services to entity companies and enhance the sense of getting investment from the capital market. We should hold fast to the bottom line of no systematic risks, strengthen mechanism construction of data security and risk internal control, improve the emergency response level of industry security incidents, and ensure business compliance and risk control. CSRC will further strengthen the overall planning of the industry, accelerate data governance, promote data exchange and sharing, so as to build an open and shared digital ecosystem for the industry and promote the quality development of the capital market.

Deng believes that IT is evolving deeper in every angle of micro and macro. Disruptive technologies are constantly emerging, which have spawned new economies, new industries, emerging businesses and new business models. With the in-depth application of emerging technologies in the financial industry, the role of science and technology in finance has been continuously strengthened and the securities and futures industry has become highly technology-dependent. The establishment of a financial scientific and technological ecological environment featuring a virtuous cycle between business and technology requires the joint efforts and systematic advancement from the scientific and technological circle, the industry and the financial sector. He said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences and SZSE have established a strategic partnership. He hoped that the two sides would further innovate cooperation contents and methods to promote the integration and development of the commercialization of research findings of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and SZSE's financial technology innovations. They will support the innovation and venture by high-tech enterprises, promote the interactive development of "innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain" in the high-tech field, and build an ecosystem of virtuous cycle from technological innovation to the technological industry then to the capital market.

Wang said that the capital market is highly dependent on IT, especially digitalization. Seizing the digital highland is a key link for the capital market to participate in global competition. SZSE has always attached great importance to IT development, positioned itself as a high-tech financial institution, and adhered to independent R&D. Its goal for technological development is "adhere to harnessing innovation and technology, strengthen technical support capacity construction, and strive to become a world-leading exchange in cutting-edge technology application by the year of 2020". We adhere to long-term continuous investment from a high starting point and with high standards, continuously consolidate digital infrastructure, build a digital supervision platform, upgrade the digital service system, and promote basic digitalization research. As a result, we have made positive achievements in digital transformation and development. He mentioned that SZSE will fully play its leading role in technology, strive to promote technological innovation and development in the industry, and build a strategic system, technological ecology and organizational structure which are compatible with the digital age. Together with all parties in the market, SZSE will build a digital capital market for the new era.

During the two-day symposium, participants exchanged ideas on and shared experience in frontier topics of the capital market such as digital upgrading and development, digital risk management, transaction settlement technology, supervision science and technology, financial big data, financial AI, blockchain, and smart operation. Technical leaders of relevant industrial organizations also conducted in-depth discussions on digital practices.

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