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The Excellent College Tutors

Nov 7, 2018 Latest News

At Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), there is a group of educators who are the best in their respective fields, but they are not "cold" to the young people around them. In the residential colleges, they are the friends of the students, actively entering their lives and guiding them as they mature. In this regard, they are mentors, leading the way along each student's academic path. They have a common identity: the college tutor. During the 2018 SUSTech Teachers’ Day Awards, a group of “Excellent College Tutors” were commended for their efforts. Here we introduce some of the winners so that everyone can appreciate the style of the mentors of SUSTech.

Zhiren College Chen Xiaofei

Chen Xiaofei is an expert in theoretical and computational geophysics and geodynamics. As an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen Xiaofei has achieved outstanding academic results and is known as "the person who listens to the heartbeat of the earth." As a tutor of SUSTech’s Zhiren College, Chen Xiaofei also has a unique set of education theories and methods.

In Chen Xiaofei's view, doing research requires a spirit of "Pursuing Excellence," a spirit of unremitting pursuit of perfection and ultimate realm. However, in the process of pursuing the realm of perfection, we must have the mind and vision to tolerate mistakes.

In the process of guiding students to do scientific research, he incorporates the valuable experience of many years of research into daily learning and experimentation, creating a relaxed academic atmosphere for students who are not afraid of difficulties or of mistakes, and have the courage to try.

In daily life, he also strives to create a relaxed and tolerant atmosphere for students. With rich activities and close interaction, they will have a positive influence on the growth of students, so that they can feel the improvement of their thoughts and their academic growth. I can appreciate the high-rise building and realize my own growth.

As a college tutor, Chen Xiaofei has a very close affinity in the eyes of the students. While doing well in research projects and undergraduate classes, he will take special time to communicate with the students and care about their study and life, no matter how busy they are. Preaching is troubled by the industry.

One of his students recalled a day with Dr. Chen Xiaofei: "Dr. Chen had a weekend picnic with his students. At 9:00 a.m., we went for a walk in the mangroves under Dr. Chen's leadership. The soft breeze, the cool shade, the people walking or stopping, the people taking a nap or laughing, and the calm sea are really a pleasant and wonderful environment. Walking through the woods, the students raised questions about the course, their curiosity about major and scientific research, their ideas and plans for the future. Dr. Chen always smiled and answered patiently. Tired of walking, he looked for a cool place and took a rest under the shade of the big tree. Dr. Chen's profound knowledge and unique insight have benefited students a lot in chatting and laughing with them.

Shuli College’s Li Hui: A tutor who loves to share with the students

Encourage, motivate, inspire, and enable students to develop confidence

She is an internationally renowned fuel cell expert. She is the meticulous and strict Professor Li who prepares lessons. She is also a tutor of Shuli College who cares for students, seeks the truth, devotes herself to serving the country and loves life.

Talking about Li Hui, her academic achievements are remarkable, and her status as a tutor of SUSTech’s Shuli College has become a role model for many teachers and a guide for students on the road to scientific research.

Li Hui thinks that it is very important to allocate time reasonably and find the rhythm of study in university life. She volunteered to help students adapt to the complicated learning requirements, their new lives and arrange their studies appropriately. When students go to see Professor Li Hui every semester to sign up for the class proposal form, she will stop whatever she is working on and talk to the students patiently for a long time. She comforts and encourages students with low grades, encourages them to continue to work hard for those with high grades, and encourages students who are hesitant at the learning node to have the courage to try and struggle. With such a mentor, students smoothly transition from high school to university, quickly adapt to university life, aim at the future and achieve success.

Li Hui teaches her students not to speak too much. She always instills and instructs them without preaching big ideas. A student of Professor Li Hui’s tutor group wanted to apply for a summer course at the University of London's Bartlett School of Architecture. However, the student was hesitant because they were afraid they would not meet the strict requirements. Li Hui encouraged him: "If you want to go, you can always try." Taking herself as an example, she shared the story of how she regained her confidence and courage after her thirties to travel across the ocean to Canada to study. She offered pertinent and effective advice on applying for summer courses. Ultimately, the classmate took the courage to submit the application and finally got the offer.

For the freshman students of SUSTech, selecting a major is an extremely important issue. Li Hui is the bright light on the road at the crossroads of life. A classmate was stuck with the decision of whether to study finance or chemistry. Li Hui told him that if you aren’t sure of the direction, it would be better to give it a try and practice would lead to true knowledge.

Li Hui will spare no effort to create opportunities for students to enter the laboratory. She not only patiently and meticulously instructs students to do experiments, but also sometimes invites some big academics to do some small-scale academic exchanges to expose students to the real cutting-edge of academia. These experiences are of great benefit to students’ research and learning.

The jade pot is filled with ice, and the pen writes the soul of the teacher. This is the best description of Li Hui.

"Perfect Tutor": A tutor loves to help to students to plan their future

Excellent College Tutor Jiang Wei

He is the recipient of the Shenzhen Peacock Project and is an excellent researcher. He is also a good teacher and friend of the students. He can talk to you; plan the future with you; discuss problems with you, and also make you laugh. If you come to the Department of Chemistry, you will meet this "Perfect Tutor" - Jiang Wei.

Jiang Wei values the learning of the students, but he mainly focuses on methods and attitudes. During the course selection, students often ran to Jiang Wei's office to ask questions. Even if they were busy, they would take the time to analyze the future prospects and employment direction of each department with their classmates.

"Jiang has many strong abilities and a wide range of contacts. He can touch many talents from different departments. He told us their stories to show us that different majors actually have a lot of directions, and they are not as limited as we imagine," said one classmate.

When analyzing these directions, Jiang Wei will tell the students a concept: there are many choices in any department. The key is that you have to think about what you like.

Jiang Wei also attaches great importance to undergraduate research projects and will guide students patiently. His student Pang Xinyu recalled: "When I applied for a big project because I didn't know much about the background, Mr. Jiang told me very carefully and patiently whom I should go to see and what literature I should read. I was deeply impressed that Dr. Jiang often helped me to change the paper carefully, word by word, even in the middle of the night. His dedicated truly moved me."

Jiang Wei also often talks to students to help them plan their current study, research, and future direction. When students encounter setbacks in exams and application projects, Jiang Wei will also carefully enlighten. He encourages his students to attend academic conferences and often listed some important meetings and specific schedules for them to attend, so they learn about new scientific developments in related fields. His seriousness can no longer be covered by the word "responsibility." It is a sincere love for the students in his care.

When chatting on weekdays, Jiang Wei will not only guide students in their study and work but also tell them the truth of being a person. "I think this is very necessary. In the future, when they go to work, they still have to be human beings. They must be right and sit well. Emotional intelligence should be learned slowly, and the overall quality of people must be constantly improved." Jiang Wei said.

Tutor information and pictures provided: Zhicheng College

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

Photos: Student News Agency Zhang Peiran, Zhang Zhentao

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