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President Chen Shiyi Speaks On "First-Class Cities and First-Class Universities"

Oct 19, 2018 Latest News

The 189th lecture in the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) Lecture Series coincided with the 9th Executive Council Lecture. The afternoon of Thursday 18 October saw the lecture hall of SUSTech’s First Research Building packed with interested onlookers as SUSTech President and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Shiyi spoke about “First-Class Cities and First-Class Universities.”

Shenzhen Municipal CPPCC Chairman Dai Beifang was joined by Shenzhen Municipal CPPCC Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General Liu Runhua and Vice Chairman Zhang Xiaoli. University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong was honored to host the event.

Based on the rankings of world-famous universities such as the University of Oxford, Cambridge University and Stanford University as well as the competitiveness of the cities in which they are located, Chen explained the integration and interaction between universities supporting cities and cities feeding universities with vivid cases and detailed data.

He emphasized the social influence of the university and said that SUSTech is positioned to build a world-class research university. Its innovation and development will inevitably connect with Shenzhen’s industry and society. By forming this close interaction, both SUSTech and Shenzhen will be able to move towards world-class status. It is said that in the future, SUSTech will also start to influence Shenzhen as a first-class university in the world.

Chen Shiyi summed up the challenges and opportunities encountered in the development of Shenzhen in the context of global urban renewal. He suggested that higher education should be regarded as the core strategy of Shenzhen's development and explore the road to higher education suitable for Shenzhen's development. Chen Shiyi demonstrated the achievements of SUSTech through its 2018 rankings and enumerated SUSTech’s advantages in enrollment, scientific research equipment, and innovative mechanisms.

He pointed out that SUSTech has two substantial advantages. The first is the growth of a new era, the development of new ideas and the exploration of new opportunities. SUSTech adheres to the concept of “striving to build a world-class university, rooted in China.” The second is located in Shenzhen, where the development of SUSTech is closely integrated to Shenzhen’s society, industry and future. Shenzhen provides a unique soil for the growth, innovation, and development of SUSTech. At the same time, he also pointed out the challenges facing SUSTech under the new situation.

At the end of his speech, Chen Shiyi said that the Southern University of Science and Technology would assume a greater mission in the new era. Under the new opportunities and challenges of the world scientific and technological revolution, it will adhere to the characteristics of creating knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and become a world-class research university.

Chen Shiyi interspersed the lecture with his life experience and stories. With rich and exciting content, the audience enjoyed the lecture and filled the room with a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.

After the report, Chairman Dai Beifang closed the lecture. He said that President Chen Shiyi’s speech was impressive on three levels. Firstly, he was deeply impressed by the theme of this lecture. Every city needs a key university. His second impression was the rapid development and outstanding achievements of SUSTech. SUSTech is more closely integrated with the development of the city. His third impression was the understanding of the challenges facing SUSTech’s development. Shenzhen would continue to support SUSTech’s development and would spare no effort in building a first-class university.

Also present at the event were Deputy Secretary-General Liu Jiachen of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and Deputy Secretary-General Huang Manzhen of the CPPCC.

Text: Miao Xuening

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

Photo: Wang Kaiqiang, Zhang Xiaoyan

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