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Two SUSTech Faculty Members Win 2018 Excellent Guangdong Teacher Awards

Sep 11, 2018 Latest News

On September 3, 2018, Guangdong Province celebrated the 2018 Teachers’ Day and Outstanding Teacher Awards held in Guangzhou. Provincial Party Secretary Li Xi and Governor Ma Xingrui presented awards to the outstanding teachers and representatives of outstanding educators in Guangdong. Professor of Physics Chen Lang and Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Cheng Chun were both awarded the title of Outstanding Teacher of Guangdong. Cheng Chun represented Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) at the award ceremony.

Professor Chen Lang has more than ten years of teaching experience and teaches the undergraduate course "University Physics." Since he joined SUSTech in 2013, his university physics class has won praise from teachers and students alike. Young students have a strong interest in physics. He also teaches classes on scientific research, scientific writing, and research physics experiments in the Department of Physics.

He pays attention to the combination of theory and practice and encourages students to be hands-on and innovative in class. Professor Chen has introduced cutting-edge concepts of physics into his classes, which inspires students to think. He has tutored more than 40 undergraduates, some of whom have since traveled to world-famous universities in the United States and the United Kingdom to complete their doctoral studies.

On top of his daily teaching and management work, Chen Lang's scientific research achievements are outstanding. He has been engaged in the growth, physical property characterization and control of oxide functional electronic materials and has achieved many achievements. He has published numerous high-quality independent and innovative research works. So far, Professor Chen has published 98 papers and presided over various scientific researches. He has received more than 20 million yuan in scientific funding, including 7 national-level projects and 6 provincial and municipal level projects.

Associate Professor Cheng Chun has been working at SUSTech for 5 years. He is realistic and innovative and dares to do it. Prof. Cheng integrates enrollment, residential colleges, teaching and scientific research into his academic life, and is determined to open up a new way to cultivate undergraduate top-notch innovative talents. He has created an "Internet + Parents" enrollment model and publicized the advanced ideas of innovative talent training. He is the most trusted friend of the students' parents, guiding them to understand how SUSTech is different, and cooperating with the school's work. He is the top tutor for Zhiren College, carefully planning the university life for his students. Professor Cheng has presided over the provincial-level educational reform project “Research and Practice of the Open Research-based Teaching Model” with remarkable results. He guided the students to carry out research projects, which saw students under his guidance receive approval for nearly 30 research projects. He has tutored a total of 12 undergraduates in three years, with four national award winners and four top ten graduates. Nine of his students applied to famous universities like Purdue University, Dartmouth College and the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The two award-winning teachers said that their evaluation as Excellent Guangdong Teachers reflects the recognition of the work of the teachers at SUSTech. They will continue to contribute to the cultivation of more innovative talents.

Contributed by: Department of Physics

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

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