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Safety Training and Emergency Response Drill Held at SUSTech

Jul 10, 2018 Latest

On July 5, the Office of Safety and Environmental Health (SEHO) and the Office of Laboratory Equipment Management organized laboratory safety training and emergency response drills. Instructor Qu Junxun explained common issues in managing dangerous chemicals at universities and analyzed factors in accidents caused by these chemicals. Later, Qu Junxun took the students and faculty members to an interactive drill and simulated emergency response procedures after a spill of a dangerous chemical, such as calling the police for help, warning, evacuation, helping the injured, and cleaning up the leak based on the chemicals’ properties.


Later, SEHO Director Liu Liangfu hosted SUSTech’s 2018 Campus Safety Workshop. Over 400 people attended the workshop, including President Chen Shiyi, University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang, Vice President Lu Chun, Chief Financial Officer Ye Qin, Residential College Director Han Wei, Secretary-General Chen Siqi, as well as representatives from the Campus Safety Management Committee, student residential colleges, and various departments, offices, and research centers.

Guo Yurong first praised the university’s excellent work in campus safety, but also urged everyone present to detect any possible risk and assume the responsibility of campus security. She also called on the campus safety work team to enhance their professional skills.

Chen Shiyi emphasized the fundamental role of campus safety at SUSTech, the importance of maintaining security at SUSTech’s campus phase II construction site, and the urgency to promote safety knowledge education. Besides, Chen said mental health education, campus transportation safety, and laboratory safety are all of equal importance as well.

After Guo and Chen’s opening speeches, Lu Chun made the 2018 campus safety work report, which summarized the university’s work and issues in six aspects: campus safety, construction safety, transportation safety, environmental safety, food safety and Internet safety.

Next, ten departments and offices were awarded for their excellent campus safety work. They were the Office of Communications and Public Relations, the Office of Campus Operations and Space Management, the Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management, the Office of Party Affairs and Administration, Library, the Department of Physics, the Department of Biology, Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Zhiren Residential College.


Original Article: Office of Safety and Environmental Health

Translation & Adaptation: Fan Yining

Proofreading: Chris Edwards


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