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Two SUSTech Scholars Receive Yangtze River Scholar Award

Jun 11, 2018 Latest

Recently, the Ministry of Education released a list of scholars who won the Yangtze River Scholar Award (also known as the Chang Jiang Scholar Award). Under the award system, Professor Liu Qingsong from the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering was recognized as Distinguished Professor, while Professor Liu Xinyuan from the Department of Chemistry was selected as an Outstanding Young Scholar. Currently, 18 SUSTech professors have received the Yangtze River Scholar Award.

Apart from winning the Yangtze River Scholar Award, Professor Liu Qingsong has been recognized as an Aoshan Distinguished Professor at Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, as well as Distinguished Professor and Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He also received the CAS Fellowship for Young Scientists. Specializing in marine magnetics, Professor Liu Qingsong has been conducting extensive research on paleoenvironmental evolution, the evolution of the Earth's magnetic field, sedimentary remanence acquisition mechanism, a chronology of continental shelf sediments, and complex magnetic mechanism of rocks and minerals. He has since published over 150 SCI papers, which has been cited for over 5,000 times.


Professor Liu Xinyuan also earned multiple recognitions besides the Yangtze River Scholar Award: HKU’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award (2009-2010), and the Overseas High-Level Type B Talent of the Shenzhen "Peacock Plan" Project. With his research focus on asymmetrical functionalization of inactive olefin and alkyne, Professor Liu Xinyuan has published 40 SCI papers as first author or corresponding author in domestic and international journals. Nine of them received positive comments in the journal "Synfacts," while two are included in the Journal of Emerging Investigators. His research papers have been cited for over 1,500 times, and three of them are cited about 390 times.


Along with the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and the Young Talents Development Program, the Yangtze River Scholar Award has been an important component of China's major talent program since 1998. There are three categories of award recipients: Distinguished Professor, Chair Professor, and Outstanding Young Scholar.


Original Chinese Article by Department of Ocean Science and Engineering

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