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President Chen Shiyi Leads High-Level Delegation to SUSTech Taizhou Research Institute

Apr 13, 2018 Latest

On April 12, 2018, President Chen Shiyi led a team to visit the SUSTech Taizhou Research Institute in Zhejiang Province and discussed the Institute’s site selection and construction details. Other attendees of the forum include Taizhou CPC Committee Secretary Chen Yijun, Acting Mayor Zhang Xiaoqiang, Deputy Mayors Rui Hong and Wu Lihui.

SUSTech and Taizhou City officials meet at the forum.

At the forum, Taizhou CPC Secretary Chen Yijun pointed out that there is greater scope for collaboration between Taizhou and SUSTech. She hoped that the two parties would continue this trend by further developing the Taizhou-Shenzhen Innovation Center and SUSTech Taizhou Research Institute. The Taizhou Municipal CPC Committee and Taizhou Municipal Government will create favorable conditions for continued collaborative projects by providing excellent service and a platform for optimizing the working environment.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi said he could feel the immense passion and entrepreneurial spirit in the Taizhou people through the rapid development in the city. SUSTech would continue to contribute to the further development of Taizhou by using its unique advantages and integrating a variety of resources that will precisely meet Taizhou’s local needs. These resources will focus on Taizhou’s industrial development, thereby deepening the collaboration between Taizhou and SUSTech, while encouraging Taizhou’s industrial and economic innovation .

Later in the day, Taizhou City also hosted the Symposium for Innovative Talents Cultivation at SUSTech. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and Taizhou Deputy Mayor Wu Lihui joined principals of a dozen top-ranking middle schools in Taizhou and related SUSTech personnel at the symposium. President Chen introduced SUSTech’s distinctive development path and plans, plus its international, high-level, research-focused education model. He also discussed a number of matters with the middle school principals, including how to select students with innovative potential, how to educate students who meet universities’ needs, and how to bridge the gap between secondary education and higher education.

In the coming days, President Chen Shiyi’s team will speak at schools across Zhejiang Province, including Taizhou Middle School, Tiantai Middle School, Ningbo Zhenhai Middle School and Hangzhou No.2 High School.

Source: Office of Admission

Text by Fan Yining/Chris Edwards

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