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SUSTech Department of Biology holds 2017 Annual Work Summary Meeting

Dec 6, 2017 Latest

On November 30, 2017, the Department of Biology of SUSTech held its 2017 Annual Wok Summary Meeting, with representatives from the faculty, teaching laboratory, Laboratory Animal Center and various other research platforms gathering to review the progress made by the department this year, as well as future development ideas. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Vice-President of Education Wu Chuanyue and Director of Planning and Development attended the meeting which was chaired by the chair of the department Xiao Guozhi.

Chen Shiyi's speech

Chen Shiyi gave a speech during the meeting in which he said that life sciences and healthcare are one of the longstanding themes of scientific research, and that the development of biology research is an indicator of the strength of a university and even of a city. He said that SUSTech has high expectations from the department and offers it its full support. Last year, the department established a comittee for personnel development, exchanges with other institutes, laboratory development, and both undergraduate and postgraduate training, and it has achieved remarkable results. He concluded by saying that he hopes the department will continue to strive to achieve excellence.

Wu Chuanyue's speech

Wu Chuanyue followed with a speech in which he pointed out that during the past year, and as one of the first departments established by SUSTech 6 years ago, the Department of Biology had shown rapid development. He said he expected the department to redouble its efforts and continue to contribute to SUSTech success in terms of teaching, scientific research and personnel training.

Xiao Guozhi then gave a presentation summarizing the achievements of the department for 2017 in "Talent Team Construction", "Scientific Research and Disciplinary Layout", "Teaching Work", "Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Training", "Development and Strategic Planning" and "Public Services". The meeting also included academician Wang Cunyu of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Changjiang Scholar Professor Gao Feng, SUSTech Professor Guo Hongwei, Professor Rao Feng and Assistant Professor Sun Ying of the Department of Biology. Wang Cunyu, a member of the Advisory Board of the Department of Biology, concluded the meeting by making recommendations on the future development of the Department of Biology.

In the afternoon, the Department of Biology also organized an academic competition, which provided an exchange platform for professors and students to share their latest research.

 Exhibition site

Winners of the competition

Representatives from the teaching affair office as well as the office of Finance, Human Resources office and other relevant offices also attended the meeting.

Contributed by: Department of Biology

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