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31st Chinese Chemistry Olympiad and Winter Camp press conference held at SUSTech

Nov 23, 2017 Latest

The 31st Chinese Chemistry Olympiad and Winter Camp Press Conference was held in the International Lecture Hall of SUSTech on November 22, 2017 to brief the local news outlets about the upcoming event which will take place from November 24 to November 28.

The competition is co-sponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society and China Association for Science and Technology, and co-hosted by SUSTech and the Shenzhen Institute of Chemical Engineering.

More than 340 secondary school students from across the country will compete under the surveillance of more than 500 teachers, observers, and representatives, bringing the total attendance of the event to almost 1000.

Meeting venue

Present at the briefing were Zhang Zhiping, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen’s Science and Technology Association, Wu Chuanyue, vice chairman of the 31st Chinese Chemistry Olympiad and Winter Camp and vice-president of SUSTech, chair of the Department of Chemistry of SUSTech Professor Zhang Xumu, vice president of the Shenzhen Chemistry Society and Shenzhen University School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Professor Liu Jianhong, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Engineering and SUSTech Professor Liu Ke as well as many others.

Zhang Xumu’s speech

Professor Zhang Xumu presided over the briefing and delivered a welcome speech. He introduced the Chinese Chemistry Olympiad as the highest level chemistry event for high school students in the country. The event, organized by SUSTech, is of great significance to attract more chemistry talents to Shenzhen and promote Shenzhen's talent pool in strategic emerging industries such as new medicine, new materials and new energy sources.

Zhang Zhiping’s speech

Zhang Zhiping spoke on behalf of the organizers and introduced the background and significance of the Chemistry Olympiad. It is the first time that the event is not held in provincial capital cities, and will incorporate the innovative features of the city of Shenzhen to stimulate the students’ talents. This competition is an important step up for Shenzhen to explore high-level discipline development and innovative personnel training.

Wu Chuanyue’s speech

Wu Chuanyue introduced the preparations for the competition. He said that thanks to the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, after more than two years of hard work, preparations for the competition have been completed. At present, SUSTech has done all the work related to the protection of experiments to ensure that the candidates are provided with a good experimental environment to successfully complete the exam.

Liu Jianhong speech

Liu Jianhong gave a final summary about this event, saying that the number of participants in recent years has never been this high, and that the Shenzhen Municipal Government attaches great importance to this to make sure everything goes smoothly during the 4 days. 

The students will attend the opening ceremony, theoretical exams, experimental examinations, study tours, and finally the closing ceremony, during which the awards for the best students will be handed out.

Text: Pang Cuiqiong
Photo: Wang Kaiqiang
Translated by: Jeremy Welburn
Proofread by: Yingying Xia

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