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President Chen elected as Shenzhen "Talent Ambassador"

Nov 2, 2017 Latest

Talent-friendly policies and projects were promoted in Shenzhen by the municipal government and a conference on talents was held on November 1, inside the Shenzhen Talent Park, which opened on the same day to mark the city’s first Talent Day. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi was granted the title, “Talent Ambassador”by the city leaders.

During the conference, Shenzhen’s Party chief Wang Weizhong was there to give a speech in which he discussed how to continue to develop personnel and local talents.

The city leaders also granted "Talent Bole Award" title to SUSTech with a 4.15 million yuan bonus, as a reward for achieving an excellent profile in talent recruitment that tops the city. Since it foundation, SUSTech has attracted outstanding talents including academicians, “Thousand Talents Plan” experts and Shenzhen peacock teams.

Eleven high-end talents were given the title, “Talent Ambassador”, which includes SUSTech President Chen Shiyi. Each of the academicians, who work in Shenzhen full time, was awarded 1 million yuan working allowance. Academicians Xu Zhenghe, Gan Xiaohua and Wang Quan from the university got the award bonus.

Shenzhen Talent Day Conference

"Talent Bole Award" scene

Shenzhen "Talent Ambassador" letter of appointment

Chen makes a speech

President Chen was appointed as "Talent Ambassador" by the city’s Party Chief Wang Weizhong, who issued a letter of appointment to him.

Chen Shiyi said that this strengthened his enthusiasm to carry on contributing to the city and to China, and to follow the university’s philosophy  "research, innovation, entrepreneurship". He also vowed to develop SUSTech into a world-class, research university, and continue to pilot reforms in the higher education sector.

Currently there are 18 academicians (including seven working full-time), 109 Thousand Talents Plan experts, 15 Changjiang scholars, and many young up and coming talents among the faculty, making SUSTech one of the most exciting and first-class institutes of the region.

Text: Ren Yi

Photo: Wang Kaiqiang

Translated by: Jeremy Welburn / Yingying Xia

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