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Advanced Materials and Technology Exchange Networking Conference held at SUSTech

Jul 27, 2017 Latest

SUSTech partnered with Xuan Investment recently to host the "2017 Southern Science and Technology University - New Materials Technology Exchange Networking Conference", organised by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Technology Transfer Center in the 110 lecture hall of the library.

           The meeting attracted nearly 200 companies, representatives of investment institutions and related materials professionals, professors and scholars. They gathered to discuss about the development of new materials in the industry and university-enterprise cooperation.

Ye Qin made a welcoming speech

Cheng Xin presided over the opening ceremony

           SUSTech chief accountant Ye Qin greeted and briefed the delegates from participating companies and investment institutions on the materials science and engineering department and technology transfer center of the university. The Director of Materials Science and Engineering Department Cheng Xin presided over the opening ceremony.

Xia Zuoquan speech

           Zheng Xan Investment Chairman, who is also one of the founders of electric car manufacturer BYD then took over to give a speech, in which he said that a new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is looming, and that SUSTech achieved excellent scientific research results for all to see.

SUSTech professor shows university's scientific research results

           After the talks, research results were presented to the audience including topics such as passive integration and electronic packaging with dielectric materials, thermal management materials, new challenges and system response program, lithium-ion battery research and development direction and focus, high-performance thermoelectric power generation devices and their applications, and so on. Around 10 high-quality projects were introduced in depth, capturing the attention and interest of the guests. Industry representatives were quick to raise questions and discuss in detail the types of applications that could be derived from them.

           Currently, the global new materials industry is undergoing major changes, with a new round of scientific and technological advances opening up new opportunities. Advanced materials and information, energy, biological and other high-tech applications will accelerate the integration of big data and digital simulation technology, and the role of advanced materials will be crucial in these fields. The next five years constitute the implementation of "Made in China 2025" project, which consists of adjusting the industrial structure to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector in this critical period.

           This event focused on the developing trends and innovation opportunities of advanced materials research and industry, and played a major role in connecting researchers from SUSTech and industry to build a cross-sector information exchange and resource platform.

Contribution: Technology Transfer Center

Edited by: Jeremy Welburn

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