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SUSTech and Baoan District Government Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jul 17, 2017 Latest

        On July 16 2017, SUSTech and Baoan District Government representatives met in the local conference hall to sign a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will implement the "education integration for common development" principle, and uphold the "mutually beneficial long term" concept of cooperation. The project aims to be a starting point for cooperation between science and technology education in Shenzhen and will contribute to the development of the Shenzhen International Technology and Industry Innovation Center.

        SUSTech Chairperson of the University Council Guo Yurong, Vice-Chairperson of the University Council Li Fengliang, Secretary General and Chairman of Trade Union Wang Yongjie and other university representatives and professors attended the signing ceremony. Baoan District Party Committee Secretary Huang Min, Mayor Yao Ren, member of the District Standing Committee and District Organization Minister Wu Jing, District Office Director Cai Yingquan, deputy mayor Gao Zhiyuan and deputy mayor Zhu Enping attended the signing ceremony, which was presided over by both parties.

Yao Ren and Chen Shiyi signed the agreement as representatives of both sides.

Li Fengliang introduced the situation in the South Branch

        During the signing ceremony, Li Fengliang introduced the development of SUSTech, and explained its role in the development of China's higher education reforms, and the support role of the city of Shenzhen. The university focuses on the disciplines and management of a world-class science and engineering institute, and leads research in various new fields, making it a source of education and innovation and leading social development. In the past few years, it has made remarkable achievements in building a strong faculty, education program, scientific research projects and students' training. At the domestic and international level it is gaining more and more influence, and aims to become a world-class university in the short term.

Wu Jing's speech

        District Organization Minister Wu Jing introduced the context of the strategic cooperation between the two sides. She pointed out that the Baoan District is at the heart of the Pearl River Delta's strategic growth, especially with the Bay Area project (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao). Working closely with SUSTech will bring cutting-edge research and innovation to the area boosting economic and social development.

Guo Yurong's speech

        SUSTech's University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong then took over to point out that after several years of development, SUSTech is on the path to being a first-class university with an international vision and entrepreneurial spirit at the core of its development. At this time, the rapid development of the city of Shenzhen and its high-technology industry feeds a large demand for qualified talents, which SUSTech aims to supply. She praised the idea of working with the Baoan district government in a mutually beneficial, long-term and pragmatic relationship.

Huang Min's speech

        Huang Min also gave a speech at the signing ceremony. He pointed out that in the country's "innovation-driven development" strategy, innovation is the driving force for long-term development, and focusing on innovation as a leading strategy for urban development will accelerate Shenzhen's global influence as the "innovation capital". Innovative universities have a crucial role to play in this strategy, and that includes SUSTech. Signing a strategic cooperation agreement is the first step to building a strong partnership which is the key to building Shenzhen into a modern, international and innovation driven city.

        Yao Ren and Chen Shiyi then signed the agreement on behalf of the Baoan District Government and SUSTech.

Before the signing ceremony, Guo Yurong and Chen Shiyi visited the Baoan District Strategic Planning Exhibition Hall to gain a better understanding of the strategic planning of Baoan District.

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