SUSTech offers unprecedented opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside the faculty to explore and tackle both fundamental and practical problems. 

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

The main duties of SUSTCEF is to accept the donations from the domestic and foreign associations, enterprises, trading companies and individuals, and establish the funding projects depending on the demands of the university and the wishes of the donors.

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SUSTech Campus Open Day Attracts around 1000 Candidates and Parents to Visit

Jun 19, 2017 Latest

On June 16th 2017, the SUSTech campus opened its doors for the Open Day to welcome nearly 1000 visitors from provinces and cities all over China. Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and SUSTech President Chen Shiyi said: “After several years of development, SUSTech now provides first-class academic resources and is internationally competitive. We await the country's best secondary school students!”.

Academician Chen Xiaofei and prospective candidates discuss studying at SUSTech

Candidates and parents get familiar with the academic and professional background of the faculty

Despite the heavy rain, SUSTech's campus was buzzing with activity as early as 8:00am. Next to the iconic 100-year old banyan tree, the academies and faculties have set up their inquiry stalls to meet the candidates and their parents and to answer their questions. The visitors also had the opportunity to visit the facilites, laboratory, college activities room, sports venues, cafeteria and surrounding environment.

Presentation talks

Speech by President Chen

At 9:00 the innovation and personnel training report was delivered in the first research building's lecture hall. The university's president, professor representatives, student representatives, and parents all attended to hear about the university's history, future plans and why it is one of the best choices for the country's top students.

Wu Chuanyue, vice-president

Excellent faculty

Vice-president of SUSTech Wu Chuanyue delivered a speech to introduce the university's educational situation and the latest developments in discipline construction, research level, talent team, internationalisation, undergraduate enrollment and student training mode. As of May 2017, the university has about 300 professors, 90% of whom have overseas work experience, and more than 60% with experience in working or studying at the top 100 universities in the world. Among them are 16 academicians, 43 members of the national "Thousands Talents Plan”, 12 "Changjiang scholars" designated by the Ministry of Education, 14 awardees of the "National Natural Science Foundation outstanding youth fund" and 61 members of the "Youth Thousand Talent Plan". They cover a wide range of disciplines from physics and chemistry to space and earth science and engineering, with a total of 14 departments offering 22 courses.

Last year, 6 teams from SUSTech were selected for Shenzhen's 2016 "Peacock Team", accounting for half of the city's total, and more recently, another six teams were successfully selected for the Guangdong Province "Pearl River Talent Program", a plan which funds innovative business projects receiving 100 million RMB in total. SUSTech has the highest rate of approval of the whole region in both of these highly competitive funding schemes, and the leaders of the projects include top veteran academicians but also younger professors. At SUSTech, both renowned professors as well as younger scientists teach the undergraduate classes and serve as a life tutor in the students' colleges, to give advice to students' on their life and career planning, as well as on their academic projects.

Associate Vice President Lu Chun's speech

Internationalized education

Internationalization is an important part of SUSTech's education model. Chief Operating Officer Lu Chun introduced the important features of international cooperation and international education within the university. He pointed out that the purpose of international education is to cultivate the Chinese spirit of the world's citizens and leaders. To this end, SUSTech offers its students a wealth of international education projects, including short-term workshops, semester exchanges, and starting this year, a new excellence program which offers full funding for one year for the top 200 students who make it into the world's top universities. To provide an immersive international experience, SUSTech students use original English language textbooks, are taught in English, and throughout the three semesters, each student will have the opportunity at least once to participate in an exchange program abroad.

Student representatives Feng Yuanxiang shares his experience

The audience was primarily composed of prospective students and parents

Undergraduates participate in scientific research

Another key point of the university that was highlighted was that SUSTech students spend a lot of time in the laboratories during their courses participating in scientific research. Feng Yuanxiang and Li Bing, two 2017 graduates, took to the stage to share their experience of studying and living at SUSTech, and like the majority of the students, explained how they will go on to complete their PhD in reputable overseas universities. Feng Yuanxiang said that although his results were not excellent at school, during his four years at SUSTech he joined his tutor's task group and participated in international academic competitions. He also helped to publish three SCI papers, applied for national invention patents, directed amazing campus activities, and now, as he was about to graduate, he once again expressed his gratitude to SUSTech, and hoped that all the students would choose SUSTech, that it is the greatest option to discover and develop yourself.

Professor Zhang Jian of the SUSTech Medical College introduces the discipline setting and professional characteristics of the medical school

Candidates and parents visit the lab

High competition for SUSTech graduates

This year, more than 90% of the graduates of SUSTech have completed their graduation, of which about 60% have been admitted to famous universities overseas, mostly for their PhD. Over 40% of the students go on to work for high-tech companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, as well as banks, securities and other financial enterprises. The majority choose to stay in or around Shenzhen where opportunities are rife, but some also move to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other overseas placements. Huawei 's HR department has said: "Huawei is very fond of SUSTech graduates, they come with comprehensive qualities and their development potential is great. It is rare to see so many undergraduates with such a high research and development level.

"Employers' feedback to us is that our students are very good and have an international perspective, they have a strong ability to express their skills through the training done during their studies," said Peng Zhonghua, a teacher who is responsible for the employment at SUSTech. The university adopts the "2 + 2" training model, which consists of the first two years dedicated to general education, and the third and fourth years specialised in one professional field, allowing the students to develop wide-ranging but also highly specialised training. He also believes that the academy system creates an autonomous, relaxed, inclusive and diverse environment for students, which makes it easier for them to adapt to their future workplace. "In today's multinational companies, teamwork is very important, and the college system here at SUSTech allows students to develop the skills they need in different professional environments”.

Teamwork, communication skills, leadership, it is these characteristics that students of SUSTech will be tested on in their future career. One of the top ten graduates from this year, hailing out of the Department of Finance, Wu Gaolong received offers from banks, securities, venture capital firms and high-tech companies, while Electronics Engineering department graduate Zhou Zehua just signed up with Huawei. "I hope to help build the reputation of SUSTech in the industry and to make the university proud”.

The father of Zhang Zhi, another 2017 graduate, shared his experience as a student's parent. He remembered as he shared with his child the changes and growth of SUSTech and said he was very pleased with the result.

At the meeting, President Chen said that "the future of each student is the future of SUSTech", and after several years of unremitting efforts, the university has established itself at the forefront of Chinese universities, welcoming the country and the world's best students.

Today, the provinces and cities across the country carry out the 2017 capacity test interview, one of the key steps to enrolling in SUSTech. From Guangdong province, 1300 students came to the campus this year where they will be quizzed on their knowledge but also on their capabilities. 60% will make it through to the next stage, and join the ranks to become tomorrow's scientists and innovators.


Text: Student News Agency Tang Jie

Photo: Wang Kaiqiang

Edited by: Jeremy Welburn




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