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The Shenzhen Grubbs Institute officially Establised at SUSTech

Jun 1, 2017 Latest

On May 31st 2017, the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute was officially inaugurated at its opening ceremony here in SUSTech. Shenzhen's first research institute was named after the 2005 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Professor Robert H. Grubbs and is located in the university. A number of special guests attended the ceremony including Professor Grubbs himself, SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cheng Jinpei, Shenzhen municipal government officials and various other professors and academicians. Executive director of the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute, chair of the Department of Chemistry, and director of the "Thousands Talent Plan" chemistry special committee Professor Zhang Xu Mu presided over the ceremony, and gave an overview of the Institute.

At the scene of the meeting

Professor Robert H. Grubbs

Professor Grubbs addressed the ceremony, saying that the Institute will provide perfect facilities to attract first-class talent at home and abroad. The Institute will complete basic scientific research at high standards, and he looked forward to working with all members of the Institute to promote its development, for the progression of global scientific research.

Cheng Jinpei's speech

Professor Cheng Jinpei then took to the stage to deliver a speech to the audience. He congratulated the university on the establishment of the Nobel Prize-winning research institute, which is of great significance to promote research in related fields. As a new and innovative university, SUSTech can better promote relevant research work with innovative thinking, and he hoped the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute in the future will lead to great achievements in scientific research.

Speech by Chen

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi took over the stage to explain how the creation and development of the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute is inseparable from the Guangdong provincial government, as it benefits from the Shenzhen municipal government's full support. Shenzhen is a city full of vitality and dynamism, and it continues to attract and bring together the world's top talent. The Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute being established in China, especially "China's Silicon Valley" - Shenzhen, will definitely be a strong attraction point for the world's brightest minds.

Liu Ke

Liu Ke went on to read his "Thousands Talent Plan" congratulatory letter, in which he wrote that the establishment of the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute was the first step on the way to building excellent universities and attracting top talent in the context building the world's science and technology center by 2050.

Opening ceremony

Subsequently, Robert H. Grubbs, Cheng Jinpei, Chen Shiyi, Li Fengliang, Zhang Xumu, Liu Ke and Chen Zhongren assembled to jointly cut the ribbon of the Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institute in a symbolic gesture to announce its official opening.

Live exhibition

The research direction, the management structure, the core team of the institute and various other elements were showcased in the exhibition area of the Institute.

It aims to become one of the world's leading new medicine, new materials and new energy research center.

Text: Lao Xiangwen

Photo: Su Jiahui, Wang Kaiqiang

Edited by: Jeremy Welburn

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