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SUSTech Delegation Visits University of Hong Kong to Discuss Scientific Research Cooperation Project

May 16, 2017 Latest

On May 12th 2017, University Council chairperson Guo Yurong led a delegation to visit the University of Hong Kong to hold talks with its President Peter Mathieson and other leaders of the university on collaborative research projects such as joint laboratories and doctoral training partnerships. The goal is to promote the two universities at a strategic level, and more broadly the links between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. On the same day, SUSTech President Chen Shiyi delivered a keynote speech at the 2017 Research Management Colloquium hosted by the University of Hong Kong and attended the panel discussion.

The delegation included Vice-President and Education Provost Wu Chuanyue, Associate Vice President, International Affairs and Chief Operating Officer Lu Chun, as well as the Municipal Head of Science, the Global Engagement office, chair professors from the Department of Chemistry, Department of Biology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Medical College Preparatory Office and various other departments concerned.

Group photo with University of Hong Kong senior management 

At the scene of the talks

Peter Mathieson welcomed the visit of Guo Yurong and Chen Shiyi and pointed out that the University of Hong Kong's students, professors and leadership are all very excited about building closer relationships with SUSTech, relationships which have already made significant progress since last year. "As far as I know, the dual program PhD students are very satisfied with the University of Hong Kong admission standards, and its evaluation of SUSTech is very positive so I am confident about the future long-term cooperation between the two universities." Peter Mathieson said.

Guo Yu-rong thanked Mathieson for his warm reception. She pointed out that against the backdrop of the "Belt and Road initiatives" and deepening the ties between the coastal areas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, joint projects and close relationships between SUSTech and the University of Hong Kong present new and exciting opportunities for sustainable development, innovation and vitality.

President Chen went on to point out that SUSTech and the University of Hong Kong have strong complementary strengths and a common philosophy: "SUSTech is a young university, just 7 years old, and the University of Hong Kong is 107 years old, they have more than a century of experience over us. So we consider the University of Hong Kong as an example to follow for us, to learn from their successful experience."

Major figures from the University of Hong Kong also attended the meeting, including Principal Vice-Chancellor and Dean Paul Tam, Executive Vice President of Finance Steven Cannon, Vice President of Research Andy Hor, Associate Vice President of Scientific Research MH Sham, Associate Vice President of China Affairs Isabella Wong, Vice President of Shenzhen Research Institute Dean Chen Yan and various other people.

Guo Yurong presents souvenirs to Peter Mathieson

In the morning, Chen was invited to present the keynote speech at the 2017 Research Management Seminar hosted by the University of Hong Kong to discuss the impact and effect of indicators such as publication and quotation of scientific research articles. As the first keynote speaker of the seminar, Chen introduced the mission of the SUSTech to boost innovation and build a modern university. He went on to say that the publication of scientific research articles and citations are indicators of a university's evaluation and scientific research management, but should not be used alone as they could give a one-sided interpretation of the University's performance.

President Chen delivers a keynote speech at the 2017 Research Management Seminar

2017 Research Management Seminar

Just a few days before on May 5, SUSTech Vice president of Research and Dean of Graduate School Tang Tao and University of Hong Kong Vice President Andy Hor signed the "University of Hong Kong - Southern University of Science and Technology letter of intent to establish a joint laboratory", which states that the two universities decided to establish a multi-functional joint laboratory to promote the construction of a scientific research cooperation platform, so that it gradually develops into a production and research base, and accelerates the two universities' scientific research, innovation, industrialization and internationalization development.

Contribution: Office of Global Engagement

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