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Humanities Center

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Brief Introduction

“Top-tier research universities shall match top-tier humanities education.”

In order to become an international, high level and research-oriented world-class university, Southern University of Science and Technology has clearly defined and fully implemented humanities education as one of the most important components of our disciplines. The goal  of the Center is to create and develop a humanistic environment in our university, to provide top-tier humanities education and a wide range of creative humanities practices both inside and outside of the campus. As a result, our graduates can not only master the professional knowledge of science and technology, but also have the spirit of humanities and the profoundness of thought, to meet the society’s demand and  become talents with the ability of interdisciplinary thinking and creativity.

The Humanities Center is a first class affiliated institutional department of Southern University of Science and Technology. In order to develop the humanistic education in our school, the Humanities Center is structured with the principle of "simplification, high efficiency, innovation and openness”. The Humanities Center breaks through the traditional bureaucratic system and applies a innovative development system regarding to teaching and research and the faculty’s formation.

The Humanities Center establishes its teaching and research institutions and faculty in the form of “studio”  which has comprehensive functions. The recent initial set up includes:

  1. Chinese and Foreign Humanities Classics and History studio
  2. Research Humanistic Writing and Language Systems Studio
  3. Humanities Methodology and Critical Thinking Studio
  4. Humanities and Technology Interdisciplinary studio.

In the future we may set up new studio if development needs.

       Southern University of Science and Technology implements the tenure-track system. The first positions in the Center include professors, associate professors, assistant professors and teaching lecturers. We welcome talents from both home and abroad who has a educational background of Humanities and possess a similar academic background, research interest and direction, and teaching methods with the above four studios in the Center. Our goal is to make the Humanities Centre a representative and exemplary field of humanistic education among top-tier science and technology universities.


The Director of the Humanities Center:

Mr. CHEN Yuehong

Chair Professor, Dean of the Shuli College, Member of the Academic Committee of the University.

In Peking University, Mr. Chen successively served as the professor of comparative literature, Distinguished Visiting professor of humanities of world literature, the member of the school committee, the dean of the Chinese department of Peking University. He also successively served as the lecturer, guest professor, exchange professor of many universities in Taiwan, South Korea and Macau. He is the vice president of Peking University Chinese Poetry Research Institute, and he awarded by the State Council as a special allowance expert. He is the vice president and director of the Organising Committee of China Society of Comparative Literature, the editor of the bilingual magazine “Comparative Literature and World Literature”, the chief expert of the National Major Social Sciences Project - "National Language Ability Research and Testing System Construction".

He has published many books, including “the Modernity of Literary Studies and the Fate of Cross-cultural Comparative Study", "Between the Similarity and Difference: Professor Chen Yuehong comparative poetics methodology", "Introduction to Comparative Poetics", “European Field Notes", "Chinese Nuo Culture”, and other academic monographs and papers. Mr. Chen’s works have been widely used as state designated textbooks of comparative literature which have been reprinted over 20 times.


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