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Zhao Yingcan

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

2012-2016, Ph.D. in civil engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayatte, USA
2008-2012, B.S. in environmental science, Shandong University, China
Work Experience
2012-2016, Research Assistant, Purdue University, USA
2017-2018, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Berkeley, USA (Enrolled at Tsinghua University)
Funding Projects
1.Principal Investigator, Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China, 2018-2021
2.Principal Investigator, Shenzhen Science and Technology Foundation, 2018-2020
3.Principal Investigator, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (CPSF), 2017-2018
Selected Publications
Yingcan Zhao, Chad T. Jafvert. Environmental photochemistry of single-layered graphene oxide in water. Environmental Science: Nano 2 (2015) 136-142 (front cover) IF:6.087
Yingcan Zhao, Hsin-se Hsieh, Mian Wang, Chad T. Jafvert. Light-independent redox reactions of graphene oxide in water: electron transfer from NADH through GO to molecular oxygen, producing reactive oxygen species. Carbon 123 (2017): 216-222. IF:7.082
Xiaoying Liu, Yingcan Zhao, Yulong Luo, Yatao Wang, Xinyi Wang. Effect of graphene oxide on the characteristics and mechanisms of phosphorus removal in aerobic granular sludge: Case report. Water, Air & Soil Pollution 229 (2018) 229 1-8. IF: 1.769
Timothy D. Berry, Andrea Clavijo, Yingcan Zhao, Chad T. Jafvert, Ronald Turco, Timothy R. Filley. Soil microbial response to photo-degraded C60 fullerenes. Environmental Pollution 211 (2016) 338-345. IF: 4.358
Kai Liu, Yanxin Gao, Jing Liu, Yifan Wen, Yingcan Zhao, Kunyang Zhang, and Gang Yu. Photoreactivity of metal–organic frameworks in aqueous solutions: metal dependence of reactive oxygen species production. Environmental Science & Technology. 50 (2016) 3634–3640 IF: 6.653​

Research Fields

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