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Zhang You-kuan

Chair Professor

School of Environmental Science and Engineering


You-Kuan Zhang currently holds the position of Chair Professor in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology. Prior to his current appointment, he was Professor and Director of the Center for Hydrosciences Research and associate dean of the School of Environment at Nanjing University, and tenured full professor and research engineer at the University of Iowa. His research interests include basin hydrology, subsurface flow and solute transport, and groundwater remediation. He has published more than 100 papers and carried out more than 30 research projects founded by the U.S. and China governments. He was principal investigator for China’National Key Project, “Water Pollution Control in the Huai River Basin”. He served as associate editor for water-related international journals, including Stochastic Environmental Research, Groundwater, and Vadose Zone Journal. He was elected as a fellow of the American Geological Society and served as president of the International Professionals for Advancement of Chinese Earch Sciences (IPACES). Zhang received a MS in hydrogeology and engineering geology from Nanjing University and a Ph.D. in hydrology from the University of Arizona.
1984-1990 Ph.D., Hydrology, University of Arizona, USA.
1978-1982 M.S. in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Nanjing University, China.
1975-1978 Graduated from Jilin University (formerly Changchun Institute of Geology), China. 
Employment History
2016-present Chair Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology
2007-2015 Professor and Director, Center for Hydrociences Research, Nanjing Unverity, China.
2008-2013 Associate Dean, School of Environment, Nanjing University, China, 
2004-2006 Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Iowa.
               Research Engineer, IIHR-Hydrosciences and Engineering, University of Iowa,
1998-2003 Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Iowa.
               Associate Research Engineer, IIHR-Hydrosciences and Engineering, University of Iowa,
1993-1997 Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Iowa.
               Assistant Research Engineer, IIHR-Hydrosciences and Engineering, University of Iowa.
Professional Experience
1998  Visiting scholar, Bologna University, Italy.
1997  Visiting Associate Professor, University of California-Berkeley, USA.
Awards and Honors
2012  Top Scientific Research Paper Award in China’Key STM Journals
2012  Advanced Collective Award for Scientific Work in Environmental Protection.
2005  Fellow, Geological Society of America.  
1987  John Harshbarger Award, University of Arizona.
10 Representative Publications
[1] Liang X.Y. and Zhang Y.-K., Analyses of uncertainties and scaling of groundwater level fluctuations. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2015; 19(7):2971-2979.
[2] Liang X.Y. and Zhang Y.-K., Schilling K.E., Analytical solutions for two-dimensional groundwater flow with subsurface drainage tiles. J. Hydro., 2015, 521(0): 556-564.
[3] Liang X.Y. and Zhang Y.-K., Analytic Solutions for Transient groundwater flow with a variable source in a heterogeneous aquifer bounded by fluctuating river stages, Ad. Water Res., 2013, 58:1-9.
[4] Liang X.Y., and Zhang Y.-K., Temporal and spatial variation and scaling of groundwater levels in a bounded unconfined aquifer. J. Hydro., 2013, 479:139-145. 
[5] Liang, X.Y. and Zhang, Y.-K., A New Analytical Method for Groundwater Recharge and Discharge Estimation, J. Hydro, 2012, 450:17-24.
[6] Schilling, K.E., Y.-K. Zhang, D. Hill, C.S. Jones, and C. F. Wolter, Temporal Variations in Escherichia coli Export from a Large Agricultural Watershed, J. Hydrol, 2009, 365(1-2), 79-85.
[7] Zhang, Y.-K. and Z. Li, Effect of temporally correlated recharge on fractal fluctuations of groundwater levels, Water Resour. Res., 2006, 42(10).
[8] Zhang, Y.-K. and K. Schilling, Increasing Streamflow and Baseflow In Mississippi River since 1940’s:  Effect of Land Use Change, J. Hydrol., 2006, 324(1-4):412-422.
[9] Zhang, Y.-K. and K. Schilling, Temporal Variations and Scaling of Streamflow and Baseflow and their Nitrate-Nitrogen Concentrations and Loads, Adv. in Water Resour., 2005, 28(7):701-710.
[10] Zhang, Y.-K. and K. Schilling, Temporal scaling of hydraulic head and river baseflow and its implication for groundwater recharge, Water Resour. Res., 2004, 40.
Major Committees and Editorial Boards
2006-present  Associate Editor, Groundwater
2004-present  Associate Editor, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment
2004-2010  Member of Groundwater Committee, Hydrology Section, American Geophysical Union.
2004-2009  Associate editor, Vadose Zone Journal
2002-2003  Chair, International Professionals for the Advancement of Chinese Earth Sciences (IPACES)
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