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Zhang Qingfeng

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering



◆ Ph.D., Aug. 2011, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

◆ B.E., Jul. 2007, Electrical Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), China.


Working Experience:

◆ Dec. 2013—Present, Assistant Professor, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, South University of Science and Technology of China, China.

◆ Jun. 2011—Dec. 2013, Postdoctoral Fellow, Poly-Grames Research Center, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada.


Research Interests:

◆ Real-time radio for high-speed analog signal processing

◆ Synthesis and design theory for microwave passive components

◆ Electromagnetic optimization using space mapping techniques

◆ Antenna array and leaky-wave antenna for near-field imaging

◆ Metamaterial and plasmonics

◆ Electromagnetics for bio-medical applications

◆ Electromagnetic-inspired study of energy meridian in human body


Honors & Awards:

◆ IEEE Senior Member, 2015

◆  Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, 2015

◆  Shenzhen Overseas High-Caliber Personnel (Peacock Program B-Class), 2014



For more information about our research group, please visit htt://





Office:  Room 523, Research building No. 2


Selected Publications:

T. Guo, Q. Zhang, Y. Chen, R. Wang, and C. Caloz, “Single-Step Tunable Group Delay Phaser for Spectrum Sniffing,” IEEE Microw. Wireless Compon. Lett., in press, 2015.
Q. Zhang, T. Guo, B. A. Khan, T. Kodera and C. Caloz, “Coupling Matrix Synthesis of Nonreciprocal Lossless Two-Port Networks using Gyrators and Inverters”, IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 63, no. 9, pp. 2782-2792, Jul. 2015.
W. Liao, Q. Zhang, Y. Chen, S. W. Wong and C. Caloz, “Compact Reflection-Type Phaser Using Quarter-Wavelength Transmission Line Resonators,” IEEE Microw. Wireless Compon. Lett., vol. 25, no. 6, pp. 391-393, Jun. 2015.
S. Gupta, Q. Zhang, L. Zou, L. J. Jiang and C. Caloz, “Generalized couled-line all-pass phasers”, IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 63, no. 3, pp. 1007-1018, Mar. 2015.
Y. Chen, Q. Zhang, A. Alomainy, P. S. Anwar, and L. Huang, “Characterizing Physically Transient Antennas”, IEEE Trans. Antenn. Propag., vol. 63, no. 6, pp. 2421-2429, Jun. 2015.
B. Nikfal, Q. Zhang, and C. Caloz, “Enhanced-SNR impulse radio transciever based on phasers,” IEEE Microw. Wireless Compon. Lett., vol. 24, no. 11, Nov. 2014.
Q. Zhang, J. W. Bandler, and C. Caloz, “Design of dispersive delay structures (DDSs) formed by coupled C-sections using predistortion with space mapping,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 61, no. 12, pp. 4040–4051, Dec. 2013.
Q. Zhang and C. Caloz, “Alternative construction of the coupling matrix of filters with non-paraconjugate transmission zeros,” IEEE Microw. Wireless Compon. Lett., vol. 23, no. 10, pp. 509–511, Oct. 2013.
C. Caloz, S. Gupta, Q. Zhang, and B. Nikfal, “Analog signal processing,” IEEE Microw. Mag., vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 87–103, Sept. 2013, invited.
Q. Zhang, D. L. Sounas, S. Gupta, and C. Caloz, “Wave interference explanation of group delay dispersion in resonators,” IEEE Antennas Propagat. Mag., vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 212–227, May 2013.
Q. Zhang, D. L. Sounas, and C. Caloz, “Synthesis of cross-coupled reduced-order dispersive delay structures (DDS) with arbitrary group delay and controlled magnitude,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 61, no. 3, pp. 1043–1052, Mar. 2013.
S. Gupta, D. L. Sounas, H. V. Nguyen, Q. Zhang, and C. Caloz, “CRLH-CRLH C-section dispersive delay structures with enhanced group delay swing for higher analog signal processing resolution,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 60, no. 12, pp. 3939–3949, Dec. 2012.
Q. Zhang, S. Gupta, and C. Caloz, “Synthesis of narrow-band reflection-type phaser with arbitrary prescribed group delay,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 60, no. 8, pp. 2394–2402, Aug. 2012.
Q. Zhang, and Y. L. Lu, “Dimensional synthesis of symmetric wide-band waveguide cross-coupled filters without global full-wave optimization,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 58, no. 12, pp. 3742-3748, Dec. 2010.

Q. Zhang, and Y. L. Lu, “Design of wide-band pseudo-elliptic waveguide filters with cavity-backed inverters,” IEEE Microw. Wireless Compon. Lett., vol. 20, no. 11, pp. 604 - 606, No

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