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Lecturer of Philosophy

the state council special allowance winner

Basic Course Department


Zhicang Zhang , Male, B.Aug. 22,1948. Jiangsu province Nanjing,China, Ph.D, professor, doctoral tutor, the winner of the state council special allowance, the leader of the key discipline of Philosophy in Jiangsu province, the head of the post-doctoral mobile stations of philosophy, the academic leader of center of doctor's degree authorization in the level 1 discipline of philosophy, in the level 2 discipline of philosophy of science and technology, and in the level 2 discipline of Western Marxism. As a philosophy teacher of basic course is employed by the South University of Science and Technology in 2014. 

Research expertise: philosophy of science, modern western philosophy, and Western Marxism. Published works and translations 24, published papers 275; to undertake the provincial and national social science projects 16; 15 rewards of the excellent scientific research. Among them, Plural Methodology was awarded the first class prize for excellent achievement of philosophy and social sciences by Jiangsu provincial people's government, The Debate of Contemporary Realism and Anti-realism was awarded the second class prize for excellent achievement of philosophy and social sciences by Jiangsu provincial people's government, and won the third class prize of humanities and social science research achievements in the fourth of China in 2006, Contemporary Western Philosophy was rated as excellent teaching materials in Jiangsu province in 2009, and was rated as excellent courses in Jiangsu province, The Philosophy of Science and Technology was rated as outstanding graduate programs in Jiangsu province in 2010, The Philosophy of Science and Technology was awarded a prize of excellent teaching material of fine course in Jiangsu province in 2011. Zhicang Zhang was awarded the first Yi Xi elite teachers prize of Nanjing Normal University in 2012.

Taught courses: modern western philosophy, western philosophy of science, scientific epistemology, the history of science, the dialectics of nature, science methodology, philosophy principle of science and technology, Marxist philosophy, Marxism and ideological trend of contemporary society, the introduction to Western Marxism, history of western ethics, postmodernism, contemporary western ideological trend of philosophy.



Department of Philosophy,Pomona College,Claremont, USA.


Department of Philosophy , Jilin University, Changchun, China

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy , Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Master of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy , Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Bachelor of Philosophy,


1977-1993  Work and occupation  Lector,associate professor,Teaching and research, Department of Philosophy , Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

1993-1998  professor,Teaching and research,Department of Philosophy , Southeast University, Nanjing, China  Xiamen University,Xiamen ,China

1998-2014   professor,department head,teaching and research,Department of Philosophy, Nanjing Normal Univerdity, Nanjing, China

2014-this day   Department of Foundational Courses, South University of Science and Technology, China



1, essay of theory of earth, (translated work),geology publishing house,1987.

2,reconstruct and excellent choosing,People publishing house,1988.

3,science¾human game,Chinese youth publishing house,1988.

4, unclosing the profound mystery of science,Jilin people publishing house, 1989

5,human deep essence,Shanxi people education publishing house,1992

6,the principle of philosophy of science, Nanjing University publishing house, 1993

7,the investigation of the mechanism of science development,Hebei people publishing house,1994

8, human nature and ethic Chinese business publishing house, 1994.

9,methodology of science ,Nanjing University publishing house, 1995

10,art and truth,Shanghai people publishing house, 1999.

11,the controversy of Contemporary realism and anti-realism, Nanjing normal university publishing house,2000

12,open society and thought(translated work),Jiangsu people publishing house,2000

13,from Karl Marx to Jacques Derrida——introduction of Western Marxism,People publishing house, 2002.

14, Marxism and contemporary social thoughts,Shanghai people publishing house,2003

15,introduction of philosophy of science,People publishing house, 2004

16,Marxist philosophy, Technology literature publishing house, 2004                

17,postmodern ideas and society, Nanjing normal university publishing house,2005                 

18, contemporary Western philosophy, People publishing house,2007

19,investigation of Western Marxist ethical thought,Nanjing normal university publishing house,2008   

20, Fourth World People publishing house,2009

21, Philosophy of Science and Technology,Nanjing normal university publishing house,2009

22, Plural MethodologyPeople publishing house, 2012

23, Theory of Body Cognition People publishing house, 2013

24, Research of Western Marxist Philosophy,People publishing house, 2015


1. Body Thinking, Academic Research, 5, 2008.

2. On Body Measure Sports and Science, 3,2008

3. On Horkheimer’s View of Morality,  Jiangsu Social Science, 1,2008

4.“Postmodern Philosophy of Science”,

Journal of Shandong Technology University, 2, 2008.

5. An Again-discussion on Marx’s Thorough Humanism,Hebei Academic Journal, 1, 2008.

6.On Education of BodyHangzhou Normal University, 3,2008.

7. On Methodological Conversion from discover to invention in contemporary science,Philosophical Researches, 8, 2007

8.On Space’s Creating and Producing,Studies in Dialectics of Naturre,2,2007 

9. Expectation of Chinese“Dialectics of Dialectics”, Studies in Dialectics of Naturre,9,2007

10.On the Differentiation of Belief from Blindness to Pluralism,Tianjin Social Science, 6,2007

11. On Marx’s Moral Practice,Morality and Civilization, 3, 2007.

12. On Dewey’s Popular Education and Its Real Meaning,Modern Foreign Philosophy,2007

13. On Humanism of Ecological Marxism,Studies in Ethics, 3,2007.

14. Sartre’s Existentialist View of Morality,Fujian Forum, 8.2007

15.On Marcus’ Emancipatory Esthetics, Marxism and Realism,5,2007

16.On Body’s Potential,Sports and Science, 2,2007.

17.On Human Aesthetic Judgment,Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 1.2007

18.The Outline on Fourth WorldAcademic Monthly, 2,2006

19.On Analytical Marxist Theory of Exploitation,Fujian Tribune, 3, 2006.

20. Michel Foucault’s Esthetics of LifeJiangsu Social Science, 6,2006

21.Post-mankind's Evolution,Jianghai Academic Journal,2,2006

22. The leap of Nature,Journal of Dialectics of Nature,1,2003.


273. On the Relationship between the Virtual space and the Humans, Earth and Machine,Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 1.2015

274. Looking the Body Cognition from Myth Thinking, Tianjin Social Science, 5,2015

275. The Introspection of the Concept of Wisdom Earth, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 11, 2015




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