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WU Jiansheng

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics


Room 132, Research Building 2

Research Interests

Superconductivity and strongly correlated system

Disordered system and amorphous solid

Topological insulator and topological superconductor

Superconducting qubits and quantum electronic circuit


Professional Experience

2014/01-Present Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology 

2009/08-2012/10 Postdoctoral scholar at University of California Irvine

2012/10-2013/12 Postdoctoral Fellow at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Education Background

1993/09-1997/08 Nakai University, Bachelar degree on Physics and Mathematics

1997/09-2000/08 Nankai Institute of Mathematics, Master on Theoretical Physics

2000/09-2002/08 University of Utah (U. S. A.), Master of Physics

2004/09-2009/08 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U.S.A.), Ph.D.


Selected Papers

1. James He, Jiansheng Wu, Ting Pong Choy, Xiong-Jun Liu and K. T. Law, ”BDI Class Topological Superconductors and Generating Entangled Spin Currents in Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulators”, Nature Communication 5,3232(2014). 

2. Jiansheng Wu and Clare Yu, ”Modeling Flux Noise in SQUIDs due to Hyperfine Interactions”, Physical Review Letter 108, 247001 (2012) 

3. Jiansheng Wu and Clare Yu, ”How high stress can reduce dissipation in glasses”, Physical Review B 84, 174109 (2011). 

4. Jiansheng Wu and Philip Phillips, ”Magnon-mediated Pairing Mechanism and Isotope Effect of Iron Pnictides”, Journal of Physics: Condensed  Matter 23, 094203 (2011), Part of Special issue on strongly correlated electron systems. 

5. Weicheng Lv, Jiansheng Wu and Philip Phillips, Physical Review B 80, 224506 (2009), ”Orbital ordering induces structural phase transition and the resistivity anomaly in iron pnictides” 

6. Babak Seradjeh, Jiansheng Wu, and Philip Phillips, Physical Review Letters 103, 136803 (2009), ”Signatures of Surface States in Bismuth at High Magnetic Fields” 

7. Frank Krger, Jiansheng Wu, and Philip Phillips, Physical Review B 80, 094526 (2009), ”Anomalous suppression of the Bose glass at commensurate fillings in the disordered Bose-Hubbard model”, Selected to the Virtual Journal of Atomic Quantum Fluids ( October 2009, Volume 1 Issue 4 ) 

8. Jiansheng Wu and Philip Phillips, Physical Review B 79, 092502 (2009), ”Experimental Detection of Sign-Reversal Pairing in Iron-Based Superconductors” , Selected to the Virtual Journal of Applications of Superconductivity ( March 2009, Volume 16 Issue 6 ) 

9. Jiansheng Wu, Philip Phillips and Antonio Castro-Neto, Physical Review Letters 101,126401(2008), ”Theory of Magnetic Moment of Iron Pnictides” 

10. Jiansheng Wu and Philip Phillips, Physical Review B 78, 014515 (2008) ”Minimal Model for Disorder-induced Missing Moment of Inertia in Solid 4He” 

11. Jiansheng Wu and Philip Phillips, Physical Review B 73,214507(2006) ”Vortex glass is a metal: Unified theory of the magnetic-field and disordered tuned Bose metal ” 

Paper List:


Contact Information


Telephone: 0755-88018222

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