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Sun Ying

Assistant Professor

Department of Biolgoy


Professional Experience:

◆ 2010.01-2012.09  Research Associate, Division of Life Science, HKUST

◆ 2012.10-now     Assistant Professor, SUSTC



◆ 2005-2010 Ph.D., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;

◆ 2001-2004 M.S., Nankai University;

◆ 1997-2001 B.S., Nankai University


Selected Publication:

◆ Hu W,Liu Z,Sun Y,Lam W, Duan Y,Huang P. TRIP-Br1 mediates degradation of multiple adenylyl cyclase isoforms by XIAP E3 ligase. Submitted

◆ Sun Y, Duan Y, Eisenstein A, Hu W, Quintana A, Lam WK, Wang Y, Wu Z, Ravid, K, Huang P. A novel mechanism of control of NFκB activation and inflammation involving A2B adenosine receptors. Journal of Cell Science, 2012 125(Pt 19):4507-17.

◆ Duan Y, Sun Y, Zhang F, Zhang W, Wang D, Wang Y, Hu W, Xie C, Cuppoleti J, Margin T, Wang H, Wu Z, Li N, Huang P. Keratin K18 increases CFTR surface expression by binding to its C-terminal hydrophobic patch. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012; 287(48):40547-59.

◆ Sun Y*, Wu F*, Sun F, and Huang P. Adenosine promotes IL-6 release in airway epithelia. Journal of Immunology 2008. 180(6):4173-81.* Equal contributions.

◆ Wang D, Sun Y, Zhang W, and Huang P. Apical adenosine regulates basolateral Ca++-activated potassium channels in human airway Calu-3 epithelial cells. Am J of Physiol (Cell Physiology) 2008. 294: C1443-C1453,

◆ Wang D, Wang W, Duan Y, Sun Y, Wang Y, and Huang P. Functional coupling of Gs and CFTR is independent of their association with lipid rafts in epithelial cells. Pflugers Arch-European Journal of Physiology 2008. 456: 929-938.

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