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Luke Gibson

Associate Professor

School of Environmental Science and Engineering



Dr. Luke Gibson's research examines forest fragmentation, wildlife trade, and green energy development, identifying scenarios to mitigate the environmental impacts of these pervasive human activities. Biodiversity forms the center of his research program; he leads multiple long-term, transboundary projects in tropical forests of China and Southeast Asia to measure changes in biodiversity across a gradient of anthropogenic disturbance. His research has been published in Science and Nature, and has been covered by the New York Times, BBC, and other international media.



2010-2014 PhD, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore
2007-2010 MSc, Division of Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego
2001-2005 BA, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University


Employment History

2017-present Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology
2014-2017 Research Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong


Academic Awards

2015 Wang Gung Wu Medal & Prize
2015 World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research
2013 President’s Graduate Fellowship, National University of Singapore (NUS)
2012 Best Graduate Researcher Award, NUS Department of Biological Sciences
2012 Top Graduate Researcher Award, NUS Faculty of Science


Journal Publications

2017 Andersson A & Gibson L. In press. Missing teeth: discordances in the trade of hippo ivory between Africa and Hong Kong. African Journal of Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/aje.12441
2017 Wijedasa L, …Gibson L, et al. (137 authors). Denial of long-term issues with agriculture on tropical peatlands will have devastating consequences. Global Change Biology 23:977-982.
2017 Gibson L & Yong DL. Saving two birds with one stone: Solving the quandary of introduced, threatened species. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 15:35-41.
2016 Rostro-García S, Kamler JF, Ash E, Clements GR, Gibson L, Lynam AJ, McEwing R, Naing H & Paglia S. Endangered leopards: range collapse of the Indochinese leopard (Panthera pardus delacouri) in Southeast Asia. Biological Conservation 201:293-300.
2013 Gibson L, Lynam AJ, Bradshaw CJA, He F, Bickford DP, Woodruff DS, Bumrungsri S & Laurance WF. Near-complete extinction of native small mammal fauna 25 years after forest fragmentation. Science 341:1508-1510.
2013 Gibson L. Steering conservation on a path towards hope. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 28:329-330.
2013 Koh LP, Kettle CJ, Sheil D, Lee TM, Giam X, Gibson L & Clements GR. Biodiversity state and trends in Southeast Asia. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity.
2012 Gibson L & Koenig A. Neighboring groups and habitat edges modulate range use in Phayre’s leaf monkeys (Trachypithecus phayrei). Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 66:633-643.
2011 Gibson L, Lee TM, Koh LP, Brook BW, Gardner TA, Barlow J, Peres CA, Bradshaw CJA, Laurance WF, Lovejoy TE & Sodhi NS. Primary forests are irreplaceable for sustaining tropical biodiversity. Nature 478:378-381.
2011 Sodhi NS, Butler R, Laurance WF & Gibson L. Conservation successes at micro-, meso- and macroscales. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26:585-594.
2011 Bradshaw CJA, Laurance WF, Gibson L, Ehrlich PR & Brook BW. Homage to an avant-garde conservation leader, Navjot Sodhi. Conservation Biology 25:1056-1058.
2011 Gibson L. Possible shift in macaque trophic level following a century of biodiversity loss in Singapore. Primates 52:217-220.
2011 Gibson L & Sodhi NS. Habitats at risk: a step forward, a step back. Science 331:1137.
2011 Singh HS & Gibson L. A conservation success story in the otherwise dire megafauna extinction crisis: the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) of Gir forest. Biological Conservation 144:1753-1757.
2007 Larney E, Whitty T, Gibson L, et al. Return of wild Phayre’s leaf monkey infants to their social group in Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. Natural History Bulletin Siam Society 55:193-196.
2006 Gibson L. The role of lethal control in managing the effects of apparent competition on endangered prey species. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34:1220-1224.


Edited Books

2013 Sodhi NS, Gibson L & Raven PH. Conservation Biology: Voices from the Tropics, Wiley-Blackwell.

Research Fields

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