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Leonardo Modesto

Associate Professor

Department of Physics


Room 128, Research Biulding 2

Research Interests
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Quantum Field Theory
Classical and Quantum Black Holes
Physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Theoretical Astrophysics
Professional Experience
2016--Ongoing, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Southern University of Science and Technoology, Shenzhen, China 
2012--2016, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Center for Field Theory and Particle Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China 
2012--2016, Group Leader, Classical and Quantum Gravity Group, Fudan University, Shanghai, China 
2008--2012, Post-Doc Fellowship, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada 
2005--2007, Post-Doc Fellowship, Department of Physics, Bologna, Italy 
2004-2005, Post-Doc Fellowship, Centre di Physique Theorique of the Centre National de la Recherche (C.N.R.S), Marseille, France 
2004-2004, Post-Doc Fellowship, Department of Physics, Torino University, Italy 
Educational Background 
2001--2004, PhD in theoretical physics, Department of Physics, Torino University, Italy 
1995-2000, Master and "Laurea" (Bachelor of Science) in Physics at University of Pisa, Italy 
Honors & Award
Type B Talents for the Peacock Plan by Shenzhen Government 
Selected Publications
1) A. S. Koshelev, L. Modesto, L. Rachwal and A. A. Starobinsky, "Occurrence of exact R^2 inflation in non-local UV-complete gravity,’'JHEP 1611, 067 (2016)  [arXiv:1604.03127 [hep-th]].
2) S. Giaccari, L. Modesto, L. Rachwal and Y. Zhu, Finite Entanglement Entropy of Black Holes,’'arXiv:1512.06206 [hep-th].
3) L. Modesto, M. Piva and L. Rachwal, Finite quantum gauge theories,''Phys. Rev. D 94, no. 2, 025021 (2016) [arXiv:1506.06227 [hep-th]].
4) L. Modesto and S. Tsujikawa, Non-local massive gravity,''Phys. Lett. B 727, 48 (2013)[arXiv:1307.6968 [hep-th]].
5) L. Modesto, Super-renormalizable Quantum Gravity,’'Phys. Rev. D 86, 044005 (2012)[arXiv:1107.2403 [hep-th]].  
6)  L. Modesto and L. Rachwal, Finite Conformal Quantum Gravity and Nonsingular Spacetimes, arXiv:1605.04173 [hep-th].
7) L. Modesto and L. Rachwal, Super-renormalizable and finite gravitational theories, Nucl. Phys. B 889, 228 (2014) [arXiv:1407.8036 [hep-th]].
8) P. Dona, S. Giaccari, L. Modesto, L. Rachwal and Y. Zhu, Scattering amplitudes in super-renormalizable gravity, JHEP 1508, 038 (2015) [arXiv:1506.04589 [hep-th]].
9) L. Modesto and I. L. Shapiro, Superrenormalizable quantum gravity with complex ghosts, Phys. Lett. B 755, 279 (2016)  [arXiv:1512.07600 [hep-th]].
10) L. Modesto, Super-renormalizable or finite Lee-Wick quantum gravity,''Nucl. Phys. B 909, 584 (2016) [arXiv:1602.02421 [hep-th]].  
11) C. Bambi, L. Modesto and L.Rachwal, Spacetime completeness of non-singular black holes in conformal gravity, [arXiv:1611.00865 [gr-qc]].
12) Y. D. Li, L. Modesto, and L. Rachwał, Exact solutions and spacetime singularities in nonlocal gravity, JHEP 1512, 173 (2015)[arXiv:1506.08619 [hep-th]].
13) L. Modesto and L. Rachwał, Universally finite gravitational and gauge theories, Nucl. Phys. B 900, 147 (2015) [arXiv:1503.00261 [hep-th]].
14) G.~Calcagni and L.~Modesto, Nonlocal quantum gravity and M-theory, Phys. Rev. D 91, no. 12, 124059 (2015) [arXiv:1404.2137 [hep-th]].
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