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HUO Jianqing


Department of Physics


Brief Introduction:

    HUO Jianqing graduated from Aviation Instrument major, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Harbin Military Engineering Institute in July 1970. She began to teach at the China University of Science and Technology in February 1977, and went to the Ministry of Posts and Communications in Japan to carry out research in the field of optical information processing. She successively held the post of the director of Astronomy and Applied Physics Department, director of Physics Experiment Teaching Center, committee member of Institutions of Higher Learning in Physics of Ministry of Education and Astronomy Teaching Steering Committee, deputy director of the Steering Sub-Committee of Physics Basis Course Teaching for Non-physics majors. She currently holds the concurrent posts of the member of Physics and Astronomy Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, deputy director of the basic physics teaching Steering Committee, deputy director of the experimental teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and member of the Teaching Committee of the Chinese Physical Society.


Research Interests:    

    1. Artificial intelligence and computer applications

    2. Modern Educational Technology and Research of Physics Experiment Teaching


Personal outstanding contributions:    

    Over three decades, she has fully undertaken the courses of General Physics, Theoretical Physics, College Physics Experiment etc, and various teaching and research works including laboratory construction, material construction, guiding graduate and doctoral students, and made breakthroughs in the reform and practice effects of College Physics Experiment Course. From 1994 to 2004 she chaired the reform and practice of Physics Experiment Course, took the lead to fully put forward the ideas of reform of college physics experiment course system, teaching content and teaching mode in the National Higher Education and presided over the implementation. She developed the first set of virtual experimental teaching software at home and abroad—the “College Physics Simulation Experiment”, opened up new experimental teaching mode and pioneered ways and means for network remote experimental teaching. She played an active role in promoting the experimental teaching quality and played the demonstration and radiating role across the country. The main ideas and content of these reforms have been condensed into the 2008 edition and 2010 edition of “the basic requirements for physics experiments of Science and Engineering University of the Ministry of Education”.

    The college physics experiment teaching reform and practice she was responsible for was awarded the first prize of National Teaching Achievement in 2001, the “University physics experiments” she presided over was awarded the first National Excellent Courses of the Ministry of Education in 2003, the “University physics experiments” she was responsible for editing was awarded the 2007 Higher Education Excellent textbooks of the Ministry of Education, the Physical Experimental Teaching Center whose construction was presided over by her was awarded the first national demonstration center of the Ministry of Education in 2005 and the “University Physics Experiment Teaching” team with her being the leader was awarded the first state-level teaching team of the Ministry of Education in 2007. As the main winners to get a first prize and a second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, 8 Teaching Achievement Awards above the Provincial and ministerial level. She was responsible for editing six educational soft wares published by Higher Education Press, 2 sets of the Textbook for the 21st Century of the Ministry of Education—”University physics experiments” (book one, two, three and four), published research papers and teaching research papers, each over 50 articles. She received the special award of outstanding teachers of Baosteel Education Fund in 2002, was named as Provincial renowned teacher in 2003 and awarded National Teacher Award in 2007.

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