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Lecturer of English

Department of General Education


Professional Experience:

◆ 2013 – to date, Lecturer, Department of Public Course, South University of Science and Technology of China

◆ 2012-2013,Assistant Professor, School of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School

◆ 2011-2012, Research Assistant, School of Humanities, The University of Hong Kong

◆ 2007-2011, Teaching Assistant, School of Humanities, The University of Hong Kong

◆ 2003-2005, English Teacher, English Department, Heilongjiang Province Nongken Vocational College.


Educational Background:

◆ Ph.D in Linguistics at The University of Hong Kong, 2011

◆ M.A in Linguistics at The University of Hong Kong, 2006

◆ B.A in English Education at Harbin Normal University, 2003


Research projects and academic service

◆ Co-investigator   An Exploration of Teaching Public Speaking in College Using “Flipped Classroom Model” and MOOCs (2015-2017)

◆ Co-investigator   An Exploration of College English Teaching on Sakai in Cloud Model –  A Case Study of SUSTC (2015-2017)

◆ Co-investigator   A Contrastive Analysis of Particles in Chinese and English – An LFG Account (2014-2016)

◆ Co-investigator   The Research on Fast Clustering and Information Evolution Analysis for Large-Scale and Dynamic Short-Texts (Natural Science Foundation of China: 61300114.2014/01-2016/12)

◆ Associate Editor  Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013


Honors & Awards

◆ The University of Hong Kong Research Student Scholarship (2007-2011)

◆ The University of Hong Kong Oversea Conference Grant (2008)


Selected Publication:

◆ Hu, Yuxiu (In Press). A Longitudinal Study on the Extent of Mandarin Influence on the Acquisition of English. International Journal of Language Studies.

◆ Hu, Yuxiu & Adams, Bodomo (2015). Are the Most Interactive Learners on Web-based Learning Systems the Best Output Performers? Journal of Information Techonology and Application in Education (JITAE). Vol. 4: 8-17.

◆ Yang Xiang, Yaoyun Zhang, Xiaolong Wang, Chongqiang Wei, Wen Zheng, Xiaoqiang Zhou,  Yuxiu Hu, Yang Qin (2013). Grammatical Error Correction Using Feature Selection and Confidence Tuning. International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, pages 1067 – 1071, Nagoya, Japan, 14 -18 October 2013.

◆ Bodomo, Adams & Yuxiu, Hu (2013). Ubiquitous Conversations. Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal. 5(1), 1-14

◆ Bodomo, Adams and Yuxiu, Hu. (2011). Constructing a Conversational Learning     Community: A case study of knowledge construction and interactivity enhancement in web-based learning and Teaching. Communications in Information Science and Management Engineering. 1(8), 29-34.

◆ Hu, Yuxiu and Adams, Bodomo. (2009). Harbinglish: L1 Influence on the Learning of English By High School Students in Harbin, China. Asian EFL Journal. 11(3)(Scopus indexed)

◆ Hu, Yuxiu and Adams, Bodomo. (2008). An empirical study on the extent of L1influence on the acquisition of L2. Paper presented at The 33rd Annual Conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia 2008 at The University of Sydney. Sydney, July 4-6, 2008.  

◆ Hu, Yuxiu and Adams, Bodomo. (2007). Harbinglish: L1 Influence on the Learning of English Among High School Students in China’s Harbin. Paper presented at The Second Pearl River Delta English Studies Graduate Student Conference at Shenzhen University. June 15-18, 2007.


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