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Research Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

2006-2010 B.S. in Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University
2010-2016 Ph. D. in Chemistry, Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Biology and Medicine (Ministry of Education), College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University
Work Experience:
2018-now Research Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology
2016-2018 Engineer, Center for Microalgal Biotechnology and Biofuel, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Interests:
Design/construction of biological probes for single-cell imaging studies
Design/construction of microfluidic chip for rapid analysis and detection
Selected Publications:
(1)Chen, P.; Chen, Y.; Su, L.; Shen, A.; Hu, J.; Wang, X.; Hu, J. beta-Carotene doped silica nanoparticles as a novel resonance Raman scattering tag for in vivo cellular imaging. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2012, 22 (2), 631.
(2)Chen, Y.; Bai, X.; Su, L.; Du, Z.; Shen, A.; Materny, A.; Hu, J. Combined Labelled and Label-free SERS Probes for Triplex Three-dimensional Cellular Imaging. Scientific Reports 2016, 6.
(3)Chen, Y.; Ren, J.-Q.; Zhang, X.-G.; Wu, D.-Y.; Shen, A.-G.; Hu, J.-M. Alkyne-Modulated Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Palette for Optical Interference-Free and Multiplex Cellular Imaging. Analytical Chemistry 2016, 88 (12), 6115.
(4)Du, Z.; Yang, Y.; Bai, Y.; Wang, L.; Su, L.; Chen, Y.; Li, X.; Zhou, X.; Jia, J.; Shen, al. Laser Raman detection for oral cancer based on an adaptive Gaussian process classification method with posterior probabilities. Laser Physics 2013, 23 (3).
(5)Du, Z.; Yang, Y.; Bai, Y.; Wang, L.; Zhang, C.; Chen, H.; Luo, Y.; Su, L.; Chen, Y.; Li, al. Laser Raman detection for oral cancer based on a Gaussian process classification method. Laser Physics Letters 2013, 10 (6).
(6)Fang, W.; Zhang, X.; Chen, Y.; Wan, L.; Huang, W.; Shen, A.; Hu, J. Portable SERS-enabled Micropipettes for Microarea Sampling and Reliably Quantitative Detection of Surface Organic Residues. Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87 (18), 9217.
(7)Su, L.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, G. N.; Wang, L. H.; Shen, A. G.; Zhou, X. D.; Hwang, X.; Hu, J. M. In vivo and in situ monitoring of the nitric oxide stimulus response of single cancer cells by Raman spectroscopy. Laser Physics Letters 2013, 10 (4).
(8)Zhang, G.; Qu, G.; Chen, Y.; Shen, A.; Xie, W.; Zhou, X.; Hu, J. Controlling carbon encapsulation of gold nano-aggregates as highly sensitive and spectrally stable SERS tags for live cell imaging. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2013, 1 (35), 4364.​

Research Fields

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