Established by the Municipality of Shenzhen, the Southern University of Science and Technology is a publicly funded university in the Guangdong Province. 

The SUSTech cultivates quality talents with perfect personality, solid foundation, excellent ability, international view, social responsibility, innovative spirits and practical ability through the leading talent cultivation system on the basis of credit system, tutor system and college system and taking personalized, small class and international as features of talent cultivation.

The SUSTech has been determined as the experimental school of national higher education comprehensive reform. In April 2012, the Ministry of Education agreed to establish the school and give the school a great mission to explore the modern university system Chinese characteristics and training mode of innovative talents.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

SUSTech will adopt management mode of collegiate system for undergraduate students and create a wonderful college life for students by taking platforms such as college, Youth League Committee and communities as carriers.

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

The SUSTech Education Foundation consists of board of directors, board of supervisors and secretariat. The board of directors is the top of the power structure of the foundation; the board of supervisors is responsible to check finance and accounting information in accordance with law and regulations; secretariat is the standing administrative unit of the foundation, which is responsible to the daily work of the foundation under the leading of leaders in the board of directors.


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Southern University of Science and Technology(SUSTech) has been paying attention to talent team building since its establishment. And by constantly strengthening the efforts to introduce qualified teachers, it has established a human resources management system adaptive to modern university system, including talent evaluation system, compensation and benefits system and promotion evaluation system; it has established an international high level teaching body.

By the end of 2016, SUSTech has signed 300 faculty members. Over 90% are recruited from overseas, and more than 60% have either worked or obtained degrees from the world's top 100 universities. Among the faculty body are 14 CAS academicians, 36 recipients of the " Thousand Talents Program", and 12 Chang Jiang Scholars, 13 awardees of the "National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Fund", 60 recipients of the " Thousand Young Talents Program", 147 awardees of Shenzhen Talent Peacock Plan.

National Talent Program


The Chang Jiang Scholar Program


Co-financed and established in 1998

 by the Ministry of Education and the 

Li Ka Shing Foundation in Hong Kong 

to enhance the academic status of 

Chinese institutions of higher education, 

and prosper institutions of higher 

ducation,and it is a significant action

 implementing the strategy of 

rejuvenating the country through 

science and education, attracting and

 developing outstanding talents and

 accelerating the construction of young

and middle-aged academic

 leaders team coordinating with the "211

 Project". Currently, there are a total

 of 12 Cheung Kong Scholars in SUSTC.


The National Nature Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars


Work, and accelerating the training of a 

number of outstanding academic leaders 

to master the cutting-edge technologies in 

the world.It is also for supporting young

 scholars who have achieved outstanding 

achievements in basic research to choose 

their own research directions automatically 

and carry out innovative research. Currently,

 13 professors in our school have been 

awarded this fund.


National Distinguished Teachers Award


Long time, and having obtained good

 teaching effect, since 2003, Ministry of 

Education organizes to elect and commend

 excellent teachers making outstanding 

achievements in leading reform of teaching

 content, means and ways, innovating

curriculum materials and teaching modes, 

and creating reasonable teaching echelon,

 etc. Currently, there is 1National famous

 teacher in our school.


Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
and Chinese  Academy of Engineering


Academicians of Chinese Academy of 

Sciences and Chinese Academy of 

Engineering are scientists achieving 

systematical and original achievements 

and making great contributions in 

scientific and technological field. The 

academician is the highest academic 

title in science and technology and 

engineering science and technology 

established by the State and it is the 

lifelong honor.


1000 Talents Program


Overseas high-level talent introduction 

plan” is called “Thousand Talents 

Program” for short. It focuses on the 

national development strategy target. 

The program will introduce 2000 or so 

talents in national key innovation program,

discipline, laboratory, central enterprises, 

state-owned business financial institutions

and various industries parks.


1000 Talents Program for Young Professionals


Since 2011, group for coordination of human 

resource work has planned to introduce 400 

potential young talents from overseas to 

support thegreat-leap-forward development

of Chinese technology and industries every

 year. Applicants of the “Thousand Talents 

Program” are mainly aimed at overseas 

doctors in famous universities with over 

3 years’ overseas scientific research 

experience, or the talents standing out from 

peer in the scientific research field and 

having the potential to become academic 

and technological leaders in the field.

 At present, 60 experts in our university 

have been selected into the “Thousand

 Talents Program”


National Sciene Fund for Excellent Young Scholars


The National Science Fund for

Distinguished Young Scholars is the

paving science and technology support

fund of Outstanding Young Investigator

Award to promote the rapid growth of

innovative young talents; it mainly

supports young science and technology

personnel with 5-10 years’ research

experience and obtaining some scientific

achievements to keep advancing,

searching and creating in the front edge

of scientific research and independently

choose research direction for carrying

out basic research. At present, there are

2 professors in SUSTC obtained the



National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program


National High-level Personnel of Special

Support Program can be called “National

Special Support Program” or “Ten

Thousand Talents Program” for short. It

is a program jointly launched by 11

departments including Central Organization

Department, Human Resources and Social

Security and so on and orients domestic in

the future 10 years to select ten thousand

elitists, leading talents and outstanding

young scholars in natural science,

engineering technology and philosophy

and social science field in batches and then

gives them special support. At present, 1

person in SUSTC has been selected into

the program.


CAS Hundred-Talent Program


Hundred-Talent Program is a talents

introduction and training program with

high target, high standard and high

strength support launched by CAS in

1994. The program has introduced

batches of outstanding talents for

Chinese science since its implementation,

among which there are more than one

thousand outstanding young talents

introduced from overseas. At present, 2

people in SUSTC have been selected

into the program.


Guangdong High-level Presonnel of Special Support Program


In order to implement the strategy of 

strengthening the province by talents and 

construct Guangdong into a talents land, 

the province will select a batch of 

outstanding talents, leading talents and

 young talents in natural science, 

engineering technology and philosophical

 social science every year since 

2014 in a planned and emphasized way 

according to Special Support Plan for

 Cultivation of High-level Talents in 

Guangdong. At present, five students in 

our university have been selected into 

the program.


Shenzhen Talent Peacock Plan


Peacock Plan collects a large batch of 

overseas high-level innovation talents and

 teams in Shenzhen special economic

zone in order to develop the strategy

 target, drive the supporting industries

 in high-tech technology, finance, logistics

 and culture, and focus on the strategic

 new industries in new energy, internet, 

biology and new materials. At present,

107 professors of SUSTC have

 passed the qualification for Peacock Plan.


Shenzhen High-level Talent Plan


Shenzhen gathers a number of national

 leading talents with prominent leading

 function, a group of local level leading

 talents with prominent professional 

status, and a group of reserve talents 

with prominent professional and 

technical skills and great development

 potential through introducing talent

 home and abroad and local autonomy

 culturing and so on, thus forming a

 high-level professional echelon with 

continuous innovation which is 

reasonably structured,energetic and

 active, and featured with eliminating

 the mediocre and choosing the 

excellent.Currently,7 people have been 

elected by this program.


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