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School of Environment Science and Engineering

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Wang Feng

Research Assistant Professor

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Feng Wang currently holds the position as Assistant Professor in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at South University of Science and Technology of China. Wang received a MS in civil engineering from Tsinghua University and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Kyoto University. His research interests include treatment and recycle of solid waste, waste water treatment. He has published more than 20 papers and joined over 10 research projects founded by Japan and China governments.


2007-2011 Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan.
2004-2007 M.S. in Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, China.
2004-2007 BA in Environmental Engineering, Chang’an University, China.


Employment History
2018-presnet, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, South University of Science and Technology of China
2016-2018, Engineer, Center of Engineering and Technology Innovation, South University of Science and Technology of China
2014-2016, Post-doctor, Tsinghua University, China
2012-2014, Post-doctor, Public Works Research Institute, Japan
2011-2012, Post-doctor, Kyoto University, Japan


Awards and Honors
2011 Best Poster Award, Proceedings of 12th World Congress on Anaerobic digestion, Guadalajara, Mexico.


10 Representative Publications
[1] Feng Wang*, Takumi Oishi, Taira Hidaka, Shojiro Osumi, Jun Tsubota, Hiroshi Tsuno, 2011. Degradation characteristics of polylactide in thermophilic anaerobic digestion with hyperthermophilic solubilization condition. Water Science and Technology, 64(1): 2135-2142.
[2] Feng Wang, Hiroshi Tsuno, Taira Hidaka, Jun Tsubota, 2011. Promotion of polylactide degradation by ammonia under hyperthermophilic anaerobic conditions. Bioresource Technology, 102(21): 9933-9941.
[3] Feng Wang, Taira Hidaka, Hiroshi Tsuno, Jun Tsubota, 2011. Co-digestion of polylactide and kitchen garbage in hyperthermophilic and thermophilic continuous anaerobic process. Bioresource Technology.
[4] Taira Hidaka, Feng Wang, Taketo Togari, Tsutomu Uchida, Yutaka Suzuki, 2013. Comparative performance of mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion for high-solid sewage sludge, Bioresource Technology, 149:77-183.
[5] Feng Wang, Taira Hidaka, Tsutomu Uchida, Jun Tsumori, 2013. Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge with high solids Content. Water Science and Technology- Water Supply, 69(9):1949-1955.
[6] Feng Wang, Taira Hidaka, Kensuke Sakurai, Jun Tsumori, 2014. Anaerobic co-digestion of steam-treated Quercus serrate chips and sewage sludge under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions. Bioresource Technology, 166: 318-325.
[7] Feng Wang, Taira Hidaka, Jun Tsumori, 2014. Enhancement of anaerobic digestion of shredded grass by co-digestion with sewage sludge and hyperthermophilic pretreatment. Bioresource Technology, 169(5): 299-306.
[8] Taira Hidaka, Feng Wang, Jun Tsumori, 2015. Comparative evaluation of anaerobic digestion for sewage sludge and various organic wastes with simple modeling, Waste Mangement, 43:144-151.
[9] Xiuning Hua, Wei Wang, Feng Wang, 2015. Performance and kinetics of iron-based oxygen carriers reduced by carbon monoxide for chemical looping combustion, Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, 9(6):1130-1138.
[10] Taira Hidaka, Feng Wang, Kensuke Sakurai, Jun Tsumori, Mizuhiko Minamiyama, 2016, Anaerobic Co-digestion of Grass and Sewage Sludge: Laboratory Experiments and Feasibility Analysis, Water Environment Research, 2070-2081.

Major Committees and Editorial Boards
2011-present Member of Civil Association of Kyoto University, Japan

Research Fields

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