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School of Environment Science and Engineering

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Tang Yuanyuan

Assistant Professor

School of Environmental Science and Engineering



Dr. Yuanyuan Tang is an Assistant Professor in Southern University of Science and Technology. She has got her PhD degree from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) in 2012, and worked in HKU as a Postdoctoral Fellow until August 2014. Her research interest is to apply environmental material technology for water and solid waste treatment, the stabilization of heavy metals in ceramic matrix, the “waste-to-resource” study on municipal and electrical solid wastes, and the development of environmental remediation materials. She has been focusing on stabilization of hazardous metals via formation of ceramics by sintering clay, reuse of sludge/ash for ceramic raw materials, leaching mechanisms and water-solid interface chemistry behavior of incorporated contaminants. She has published 14 SCI journal papers (including 3 on Environmental Science & Technology), 1 book chapter, and over 20 conference papers. She was awarded as “Overseas High-Caliber Personnel, Shenzhen” and “The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers” in 2014.
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Research Interests

◆ The application of environmental material technology for water and solid waste treatment

◆ The stabilization of heavy metals in ceramic matrix

◆ The “waste-to-resource” study on municipal and electrical solid wastes

◆ The development of environmental remediation materials.


Professional Experience

◆ 9/2014-Present, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology

◆ 9/2012-8/2014, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

◆ 7/2007-7/2008, Secretary-General Assistant, Energy Saving Cooperation Alliance



◆ 9/2008- 8/2012, Ph.D., Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

◆ 9/2004-7/2007, M.S., College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University

◆ 9/2000-7/2004, B.S., Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Ocean University of China


Honors & Awards

◆ Overseas High-Caliber Personnel, Shenzhen (2014)

◆ The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers, Hong Kong (2014)

◆ Postgraduate Studentship, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2008-2012)

◆ Excellent Student Award of Beijing, China (2007)

◆ Excellent Student Award of Peking University, China (2006)

◆ “Wusi” Scholarship of Peking University, China (2006)

◆ Outstanding Individual in the Summer Social Practice of Peking University, China (2006)

◆ National Scholarship for College Students, China (2003)

◆ First-Rank Scholarship, Ocean University of China, China (each academic year, 2000-2004)

◆ Excellent Student Award, Ocean University of China, China (each academic year, 2000-2004)


Selected Publication:


◆ Wang, B.; Lu, X.-Y.; Tang, Y. Synthesis of Snowflake-shaped Co3O4 with a High Aspect Ratio as a High Capacity Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015, 3, 9689-9699.

◆ Tang, Y.; Lu, X.; Shih, K. Alumina Polymorphs Affect the Metal Immobilization Effect when Beneficially Using Copper-Bearing Electroplating Sludge for Ceramics. Chemosphere, accepted. Chemosphere 2014, 117, 575-581.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Mechanisms of Zinc Incorporation in Aluminosilicate Crystalline Structures and the Leaching Behavior of Product Phases. Environmental Technology, accepted.

◆ Tang, Y.*; Shih, K. Beneficially Utilize Aluminum and Iron Components in Sludge Incineration Residues for Ceramic Materials, for “The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2014”. HKIE Transactions, in press.

◆ Tang, Y.; Chan, S.-W.; Shih, K. Copper Stabilization in Beneficial Use of Waterworks Sludge and Copper-laden Electroplating Sludge for Ceramic Materials. Waste Management 2014, 34, 1085-1091.

◆ Tang, Y.; Liu, C.; Shih, K. Beneficial Metal Stabilization Mechanisms in Using Simulated Sludge Incineration Ash for Ceramic Products. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 2014, 89, 536-543

◆ Tang, Y.; Lee, P.-H.; Shih, K. Copper Sludge from Printed Circuit Board Production/Recycling for Ceramic Materials: A Quantitative Analysis of Copper Transformation and Immobilization. Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, 8609-8615. 

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Stabilization Mechanisms and Reaction Sequences for Sintering Simulated Copper-Laden Sludge with Alumina. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2013, 1, 1239-1245.

◆ Shih, K.; Tang, Y. Incorporating Simulated Zinc Ash by Kaolinite- and Sludge-Based Ceramics: Phase Transformation and Product Leachability. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2012, 20, 411-416. 

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K.; Wang, Y.; Chong, T.-C. Zinc Stabilization Efficiency of Aluminate Spinel Structure and its Leaching Behavior. Environmental Science & Technology 2011, 45, 10544-10550. 

◆ Tang, Y.; Chui, S. S.-Y.; Shih, K.; Zhang, L. Copper Stabilization via Spinel Formation during the Sintering of Simulated Copper-Laden Sludge with Aluminum-Rich Ceramic Precursors. Environmental Science & Technology 2011, 45, 3598-3604. 

◆ Shih, K.; Tang, Y. Prolonged Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure for Nickel and Copper Aluminates. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 2011, 13, 829-835.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K.; Chan, K. Copper Aluminate Spinel in the Stabilization and Detoxification of Simulated Copper-Laden Sludge. Chemosphere 2010, 80, 275-380.

◆ Shen, Z.; Tang, Y.; Lv, N.; Zhao, J.; Li, D.; Wang, G. Community Dynamics of Seed Rain in Mixed Evergreen Broad-leaved and Deciduous Forests in a Subtropical Mountain of Central China. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 2007, 49, 1294-1303.


◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Immobilization and Detoxification of Metal-Laden Sludge When Beneficially Used as Ceramic Materials. Presented at the 2nd Symposium of International Waste Working Group Asian Regional Branch (IWWG-ARB), Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 13-14 April, 2015.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Quantitative Analysis of Copper Transformation and Immobilization during “Waste-to-Resource” Processes. Poster at the 21st Annual Conference of Hong Kong Institution of Science, Hong Kong, 23 November, 2013

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Using Al/Fe Rich Sludge Residues from Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes to Immobilize Copper Electroplating Waste. Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Solid Waste 2013: Innovation in Technology and Management (ICSWHK 2013), Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 5-9 May, 2013.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K.; Fang, H.H.P. Mechanisms of Stabilizing Hazardous Metals through Thermal Reactions with Clay Materials. Presented at the 15th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference, Guilin, China, 3-4 November, 2012.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Zinc Stabilization during the Sintering of Simulated Zinc-Laden Sludge with Aluminum-Rich Ceramic Precursors. Presented at the 14th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference, Tainan, Taiwan, 5-6 November, 2011.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K.; Zhang, L. Copper Stabilization and Detoxication via Copper Aluminate Spinel Formation. Presented at International Conference and Workshops of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) on Environmental Quality and Human Health, Galway, Ireland, 27 June- 02 July, 2010.  

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K.; Lu, X.; Zhang, L. Potential of Using Copper Aluminate Spinel to Stabilize Copper-Bearing Sludge. Presented at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Asia/Pacific Annual Meeting, Guangzhou, China, 4-7 June 2010.

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Copper Stabilization and Detoxification of by Aluminate Spinel. Presented at the 13th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference, Chongqing, China, 2010.

Book Chapter

◆ Tang, Y.; Shih, K. Applying Kaolinite-Mullite Reaction Series to Immobilize Toxic Metals in Environment. In Kaolinite: Occurrences, Characteristics and Applications, Nova Science Publishers, 2012.


Other Info:

◆ Research Group:

Postdoc: Mi LI

Research Assistant: Pengfei WU

Undergraduate Student: Xin ZHENG, Ying PEI

Visiting Student: Vivien AU YEUNG,Grace WONG

Our research group is now open for graduate students, postdoc, research assistant, technician, etc. Welcome to apply through email:, or .

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