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Department of Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics


Block 3 Room 527, Wisdom Valley

Research Interests

•Bifurcation theory of ordinary differential equations

•Financial dynamics 

Professional Experience

Long term

•2015.08-              Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

•2008.09-2015.08  Invited Professor South China Normal University

•1997.05-2008.08  Professor Peking University

•1990.01-1997.04  Associate Professor, Professor Tsinghua University

•1988.09-1989.12  Postdoctor Peking University

•1987.09-1988.08  Postdoctor Academic Sinica, Institute of Mathematics

•1981.12-1983.12  Lecturer Jilin University

•1970.01-1978.09  Teacher The First Middle School of XinYi Coal Mine, Hegang city

•1969.01-1969.12  Worker XinYi Coal Mine, Hegang city, Heilongjiang Province 

Short term 

•2007.04-2007.05  Visiting Scholor Dept. Math., Ulsan University, Korea

•2005.01-2005.06  Visiting Scholor Dept. Math., Northwestern University, USA

•2004.07-2004.07  Visiting Scholor Dept. Math., Western Ontario University, Canada

•2004.01-2004.02  Visiting Scholor School of Economics, Amsterdam University, the Netherlands 

•2003.02-2003.03  Visiting Scholor School of Finance, University of Technology at Sydney, Australia

•2000.09-2000.10  Visiting Scholor School of Economics, Amsterdam University, the Netherlands

•2000.08-2000.09  Visiting Scholor Dept. Math., University Lille-1, France

•1999.01-1999.02  Visiting Scholor Dept.Math., Northwestern University, USA

•1998.08-1998.09  Visiting Scholor Dept. Math., Free  University, the Netherlands

•1998.07-1998.08  Visiting Scholor Dept. Finance, City University, Hong Kong

•1998.01-1998.02  Visiting Scholor Dept.Math., City  University, Hong Kong

•1994.05-1994.08  Visiting Scholor Dept. Math., Ryukoku University, Japan

•1994.02-1994.05  Visiting Scholor School of  Math., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

•1989.01-1989.07  Visiting Scholor School of Math., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Educational Background

•1984.01-1986.12  Ph.D, Applied Math., Michigan State University, USA  

•1978.10-1981.12  Master, Qualitative ODE, Peking University, China 

•1963.09-1968.12  Undergraduate, Dept. Math.& Mech., Peking University, China

Publications(after 2010)

•J.Li, L.Zhang and D.Wang*,Unique normal form of a class of 3 dimensional vector fields with symmetries. J.Diff.Eqns 257(2014), 2341-2359

•X.Zhang* and D.Wang, Multiple periodic solutions for difference equations with double resonance at infinity,Advances in Difference Equations,Volume, doi:10.1155/2011/806458(2011)

•M.Zhu*, D.Wang, M.Guo, Stochastic equilibria of an asset pricing model with heterogeneous beliefs and random dividends, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 35(1)(2011), 131-147 

•M.Zhu*, D.Wang, M.Guo, Existence and stability of stationary solutions of nonlinear difference equations under random perturbations,Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, 17(4)(2011), 587-602 


Shui-Nee Chow, Chengzhi Li and Duo Wang, Normal forms and bifurcation of planar vector fields, Cambridge University Press, 1994 

Awards or Honors

2005 Second Price for Research on Nature Science, Ministry of 


2004 Beijing Excellent Education Award

1992 Special Government Allowance 

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