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1000 Talents Program for Young Professionals

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1000 Talents Program for Young Professionals

Since 2011, group for coordination of human resource work has planned to introduce 400 potential young talents from overseas to support the great-leap-forward development of Chinese technology and industries every year. Applicants of the “1000 Talents Program” are mainly aimed at overseas doctors in famous universities with over 3 years’ overseas scientific research experience, or the talents standing out from peer in the scientific research field and having the potential to become academic and technological leaders in the field. At present, 40 experts in our university have been selected into the “1000 Talents Program”.


The sixth batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department
Yu Hongyu   Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Wu Changfeng   Professor   Department of Biomedical Engineering


The seventh batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department
He Jiaqing   Professor   Department of Physics
Lu Wei Associate Professor Department of Chemistry
Chen Weiqiang   Associate Professor   Department of Physics
Chen Fangyi   Associate Professor   Department of Biology
Li Jingzhi   Associate Professor   Department of Mathematics
Huang Mingyuan   Associate Professor   Department of Physics


The eighth batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department
Cheng Xin   Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chen Yifan Professor Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Wang Rui   Associate Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Liang Yongye   Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Huang Wenzhong   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
He Zhenyu   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry


The ninth batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department
Chen Lang   Professor   Department of Physics
Gong Yi Professor Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Zhang Liyuan   Associate Professor   Department of Physics
Jiang Wei   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Tan Bin   Professor   Department of Chemistry
Yu Cong   Associate Professor   Department of Biology
Zhang Wei   Professor   Department of Earth and Space Science


The tenth batch
Name   Academic Rank   Department
Sun Dazhi   Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Hou Chunhui Associate Professor Department of Biology
Chen Rui   Associate Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Ji Shengjian   Associate Professor   Department of Biology

Man Hong Yung

  Associate Professor    Department of Physics 


The eleventh batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department
He Feng   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Liu Chang   Associate Professor   Department of Physics
Wei Zhiyi   Associate Professor   Department of Biology
Xu Jing   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Lu Haizhou   Associate Professor   Department of Physics
Quan Zewei   Professor   Department of Chemistry
Yu Peng   Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Ye Qing   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Wan Minping   Associate Professor   Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering
Shao Liyang   Associate Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering



The twelfth batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department

Guo Chuanfei

  Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Zhao Yue Associate Professor Department of Physics
Duan Lele   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Shi Peng       Department of Biology
Li Guixin   Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Fang Xinding   Associate Professor   Department of Earth and Space Science
Zhai Jixian   Associate Professor   Department of Biology
Liu Weishu   Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Liu Yanjun

  Associate Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Xu Zhifang   Associate Professor   Department of Physics



The thirteenth batch

Name   Academic Rank   Department

Zhang Zhen

  Assistant Professor   Department of Mathematics
Oscar Carl Olof DAHI ST* Associate Professor Department of Physics
Xie Xiaojiang   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Zhang Yuanzhu   Associate Professor   Department of Chemistry
Huang Hongda*   Associate Professor   Department of Biology
Jin Wenfei*   Associate Professor   Department of Biology
Lucas Garrett*   Associate Professor   School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Kuang Xingxing

  Associate Professor   School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Deng Weiwei   Professor   Department of Mechaincs and Aerospace Engineering
Huang Shidi   Associate Professor   Department of Mechaincs and Aerospace Engineering
Aung Ko Ko KYAW*   Associate Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Li Wendi   Visiting Scholar   Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Yu Hao   Associate Professor   Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Gu Meng   Associate Professor   Department of Materials Science and Engineering



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