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The Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program PGI mini of SUSTC Participated in Shenzhen International Biotech& Health Industry Expo

Oct 10, 2015 Campus life

 From September 23 to 25, 2015, the Shenzhen International Biotech& Health Industry Expo 2015 was held at No.2 Hall of Shenzhen Exhibition and Conference Center. Students of SUSTC participated in the conference and exhibited research achievements of “Personal Genome Integrated Decoding System PGI mini” of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

       This conference was hosted by the People’s Government of Shenzhen, and was undertaken by Shenzhen BGI Research Institute, and aimed to promote biology and life health industry development and establish an effective communication and cooperating platform home and abroad. The students’ participated in the exhibition and conference, and communicated with peers of the life health industry and academic industry, knew about current situations of domestic life and health industry, promoted further perfection and development of the program, and demonstrated innovation and practice capability of students of SUSTC. R& D members of the project include Lin Qiaoshan (Grade 12 of Biology Department), Tang Shiyu (Grade 14), Yu Shiya (Grade 14), Gao Dashan (Grade 14) and He Danqiong (Grade 14), and the professor is the Associate Professor He Jiankui of the Biology Department.

       The “Personal Genome Integrating Decoding System PGI mini” is a online system to assess risks of genetic diseases automatically according to the gene sequencing results, and analyzes more than 20 genetic diseases, including genetic breast cancer and ovarian cancer, Lynch syndrome and Marfan syndrome etc. After the user a gene file, an assessment report on possibility of diseases involving patents is produced by PGI mini. The system realizes 1-key conversion from sequencing data to genetic disease report, and solves reliability and clinic intervention. The program was concerned by many participants at the conference.

       This exhibition and conference was classified into 4 exhibition and conference zones, including life information and biology innovation technology, high-quality modern health service, medical apparatus and digital health, agriculture and biological breeding and other fields, and BGI, Sage, China National Genebank, USTB, Mindray, AUSA, King Carrier, Lifetech, Salubris, Bioforte, AKD and almost 100 domestic and overseas enterprises, and Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Research Institute of Tsinghua University attended the exhibition and conference. Members and Tutor of the Project Team

The Project Team Introduced the Program to Visitors

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