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The Youth League Committee Carried out “Youth Track” Series Practice Activities to Experience Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Works

Jun 5, 2015 Campus life

In the afternoon of June 3, 2015, the Youth League Committee of the University carried out the “youth track” series social practice, and led students to Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Works for experiencing working environment of the “dream pursuer”. Shenzhen is a pilot city for reform and opening up in China; Qianhai is a frontier area for urban development of Shenzhen. The students went to the “dream plaza”, overlooked buildings full of modern atmosphere and sensed period feel from science and technology innovation.

                               Joint photo of all teachers and students

Subsequently, led by all the staff, the students visited workplaces of innovation industrial base. White paints and simple lines were offices of entrepreneurs, where there were movie playing devices and coffee bar counter. In the small coffee bar, there were entrepreneur youth from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and overseas countries, and they were drinking coffee and snatched a little leisure from a busy life, or cultivated the world-class innovation achievements. The students saw such simple and modern office environment and were surprised: “This is a company only with one desk and several computers!” Atmosphere in the office was relaxed, and the students actively inquired about experience from entrepreneurs, accessed to 3D printing technology and unmanned craft and other high-tech products and were benefits a lot.

Teachers and students of the University received introduction of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Dream Works and communicated with entrepreneurs

Afterwards, the students came to Qianhai Exhibition Hall to view overall situations for development of Qianhai. “Supported by Hong Kong, serve mainland China, face the world and draw the most beautiful print”. This was the entrustment left by the General Secretary of the Central Party Committee Xi Jinping. At present, the blueprint for urban development is realized progressively. The students watched the stirring trailer and followed with the commentator to know about development strategy of Qianhai and said “the journey has not made in vain”! The Students study in Shenzhen, and the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship was nearby, and their eyes are full of prospective future.
In December, 2013, Qianhai Administration, Shenzhen Youth Association and Hong Kong Youth Association established Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Dream Works aiming to create a platform serving Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the world’s innovation youth platform. The Dream Works develops four industries-modern logistics industry, information service industry, science and technology service industry and culture innovation, encourages and guides innovative youth to exercise entrepreneurship program and explore new modes for industrialized development of innovation and pioneering work.
(Source: Publicity Department of Youth League Department of the University, Author: Feng Jian Feng, Photograph” Feng Jian Feng, Liu He)


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