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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

“Small bookstore in the south of the mountain”

Oct 12, 2015

Shannan Bookstore---- artistic young grow up in science and technology

【What is Shannan Bookstore?】

 Shanshan Bookstore is a bookstore brand created by the students of USUTC. It is different from other bookstores because their main business is collecting and reselling old books.

 At the beginning and the end of a semester, students usually try to sell the useless textbooks and also purchase some textbooks they might need for next semester. Students usually use QQ group to host “flea market” and “secondary trading”on the internet which is not very convenient. A few students get ideas from that fact, then they founded Shannan Bookstore to provide the service of collecting old textbooks and sell them online to other students.

【Artistic feelings in science and technology university 】

   Shannan Bookstore has been founded by Feng Jian, Tian Baotong and Jin Caimeng from 2014 class. With very little money, they have to go to collect books and operate their website by themselves, but they are enjoying the idea that they are doing favor for people. “We rushes in our lives every day, and we all seem to have forgotten many beautiful things, for example, take a deep breathe and enjoy the scenery on the way. "So they say, which brings to USUTC some artistic atmosphere.

      【Small bookstore in the south of the mountain】 

The thought-provoking motto of Shannan bookstore is ” Small bookstore in the south of the mountain”. They are being self-mockery and proud with their poor conditions at the same time, I guess this must be the spiritual power they got from books.

 They are not only selling old textbooks, they also have boutique books carefully selected by owners.

The seal cutting and handwriting on seal of Shannan Bookstore are designed by owners.

They have made a great friendship with the writer of“Zhuhai Scenery” named He Zhiyi, and he sent them his books with his autograph and seal as gifts.

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