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Wu Chuanyue

Chair Professor

Vice President and Provost

Department of Biology


Professional Experience:

Dr. Wu did his Post-doctoral training in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, USA from 1990-1991. He was a post-doctoral research associate in the S. C. Johnson Medical Research Center Mayo Clinic from 1991-1994 and promoted to instructor in 1994. Dr. Wu was an Assistant Professor (tenure track) in the Department of Cell Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham from 1996-2000, an Associate Professor (with tenure) in the Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh from 2000 to 2004. Dr. Wu was promoted to full Professor (with tenure) in the Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2004,and was awarded an endowed chair professorship (Lombardi and Shinozuka Experimental Pathology Research Chair) by the University of Pittsburgh in 2009.

As an internationally renowned cell biologist, Professor WU has made important contributions to the advance of the field of cell adhesion, extracellular matrix formation and signal transduction, processes that are critical for many biological and disease processes including cancer metastasis. His research has been published in many influential international scientific journals including Cell, Journal of Cell Biology, Molecular Cell and Nature Structural Biology. As a leading investigator in this field, Professor WU was an invited speaker or session chair in several international scientific conferences including Gordon Research Conference. He was invited to write review articles for major international scientific journals including Journal of Cell Biology, Current Opinion in Cell Biology, Trends in Cell Biology, Journal of Cell Science, and EMBO Reports. He has served as member of editorial board of several international journals and reviewer for scientific funding agencies in the US, Canada, UK and China.]


Educational Background:

◆1990 Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry) University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA

◆1985  M.S. in Biochemistry, East China University of Chemical Technology,Shanghai, China

◆1982  B.S. in Biochemistry, East China University of Chemical Technology,Shanghai, China 


Honors & Awards:

◆ The Ministry of Education’s Yangtze River Scholar visiting professorship


Selected Publication:

Prof. Wu has published 136 journal papers with over 8600 SCI citations.

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